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Flam/Aurland to Borgund Stave Church WITHOUT a car?

I'm visiting Aurland this summer, but don't plan to rent a car. Is it possible to get to the Borgund Stave Church by public transport and back within one day? I see a bus route that departs Flam/Aurland around 2:18pm, but can't figure out if there's a return bus from Borgund later in the afternoon that would allow enough time to see the church. It's a 40 minute drive away so I think a taxi would be cost prohibitive.


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June – August:
NX450 from Flåm 11:45 to Håbakken 12:25; NX170 from Håbakken 12:35 to Borgund stavkyrkje 12:53.

NX170 from Borgund stavkyrkje 14:47 to Håbakken 15:15; NX450 from Håbakken 15:40 to Flåm 16:18.

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Thank you JZ! This is exactly the kind of info I was hoping to receive. : )

This may be pressing my luck here, but do you happen to know the bus schedule from Flam/Aurland to Sogndal to catch the Glacier Bus (which I believe leaves at 8:45am)? And then the return bus from Sogndal to Flam/Aurland after the Glacier Bus drops off around 18:35pm? Or is there a boat that would be easier/quicker?