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Would like to see Borgund church in Flam

Does anyone know of a local guide who can take my sister and I to see the church? We will be staying in Flam on June 17th.

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This taxi company has an office in Aurland, not far from Flam. It can take you to the church--for a price.

I haven't been to Norway yet, so I can't vouch for Aurland Taxi, but I assume it is fine, just expensive. I'm going to try to see the church by bus. I'll probably stop in at the tourist office in Flam to see whether by some miracle there's someone doing small-group visits to the church, but I've done a lot of reading about Norway and haven't read about such a tour.

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Bus 162 will take you from Flåm to the church. It's not very frequent but should work.