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December 2017 Winter Scandinavian Trip

I will be travelling around Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland during (Winter) December 2017.

The main destinations would be, Copenhagen, oslo, Bergen, stockholm, Rovaniemi and Helsinki (in that order or otherwise? Please advice)

I wish to find out which is the most efficient and cost effective way to travel to and from these places??

Apart from the 3 bordering country rail pass – DENMARK, SWEDEN, NORWAY; what would be the best way?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Dora Theophilus

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SAS hubs through Copenhagen and serves the Scandinavian countries. You could do a multiple destination outbound to Helsinki with a stop at CPH. Fly if time is of an essence or train to see a lot of trees to Rovaniemi. Fly to Stockholm. Fly to Oslo. Nutshell train-boat-bus to Bergan. Fly Bergan via CPH back to North America assuming North America is your starting point.

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You might not need a rail pass. Swedish trains (which also serve Copenhagen and Oslo) can be very inexpensive if you're willing to commit to a specific train in advance. Thought tickets aren't available for December yet, you can go to to get a feel for prices and schedules.

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BTW. If you fly between the Scandinavian towns, Norwegian Air is the low cost airline. Just expect to pay extras for everything.

For train travel.

Pensioner prices for the 65+ can be better than advance purchase prices

Minipris advanced purchase tickets have deeper discounts when purchased more in advance with pricing varying with demand. Using US credit cards can be a challenge as security barriers change.

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The Eurail Scandinavia Pass, covering all 4 countries, is cheaper than the Eurail Select Pass for the three countries you named. Passes provide a discount on the Stockholm-Helsinki ferries (which does not use a counted pass travel day).

Copenhagen-Oslo is also served by overnight ferry (DFDS, no pass discount), or you might fly a longer leg such as Copenhagen-Bergen, Bergen-Stockholm, or Bergen-Helsiniki, to save time and backtracking on trains (see "Most efficient" and "most cost effective" are likely to work together in this case, so focus on planning the timing first.

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A Finn myself, I´d point out a couple of things:

-Daily (overnight) ferries between Helsinki and Stockholm the most usual way to travel for the locals. In summertime, that´s a fantastic archipelago scenery.... in winter... well, depends on the weather..

-Fly to Rovaniemi, or take an overnight train from Helsinki (

-December (usually) is a fabulous time in the North (Rovaniemi) with snow and aurora borealis etc... Your chances with the weather would be even better in February or March but December is alright..

-Weather in the capitals in December is often .... depressing... all the light gone but no snow yet. (Sometimes, yes! :) )
I would spend more time in the North and less in the capitals..

-To get some ideas about what to do, is not a bad idea.... for the North, might give some good ideas about where to stay....

-Ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo would be an idea, but fly the long distances...

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Does anyone think this trip would be nicer the week leading up to Christmas, vs. March? Also thinking about this trip in Dec.