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Food & Drink

Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Traveling with a PEG tube and liquid nutrition
pno4te 9
traveling with group in France, separate checks? reservations?
shawn 13
Traveling With Travel Mugs In Europe...
Ski_Jimbo 20
Travel Treats and Survival Food
Sun-Baked in... 8
Tuscany cooking classes?
geishecker 3
UK Food on the go
mikespencer 1
Vapiano Restaurants
Lola 17
Vegan Cafe in York, UK (in addition to Rick's reco)
arao 0
Vegan during the Venice, Florence, Rome tour.
Amy 3
Vegan in France?
lwalsh32 9
Vegetarian in Iceland- what to eat?
melisa.branovsky 2
Vegetarian means different things
phred 16
Veggie food in florence
rosyashish 1
Venice Restaurant/Cafe/Tapas Bar Protocol (Solo Dining)
Justin 4
Water availability on GAS tour
Laurie 15
Water In French Restaurants
dcontinenza 5
We were soooo close!
jillmc 16
What are the European equivalents of Denny's and TGIFridays ?
avirosemail 55
What dish says "I'm on vacation!" for you?
avirosemail 48
What foods do you miss?
Anna 39
What have you been drinking?
avirosemail 33
What is the Best Restaurant App for Portugal?
toddbclark 3
What is the best Wine Pegus Wine Tour in Verona?
Laura 0
What is the dry substitute for G2?
bauerg001 5
What's fresh in October
Joni 4
What to eat in France
Steve S 31
Wheelchair friendly eatery in Florence
beaton88 1
When an aroma brings a travel memory to mind ...
avirosemail 14
When is a duck not a duck? In Lyon
avirosemail 10
When You Can't Drink Bottled Water
Gael 5
When You've Had Enough Of Local Cuisine...
Jay 43
Where is your favorite place for Pizza in Rome?
Will 13
Where to get breakfast at O'Hare (ORD), and are they operational?
avirosemail 8
which food or drink must be tried in France?
twist6015 14
Who's been cooking as a Salute to your travel memories?
lizthemadhatter 28
Why do many from a rich country say "We enjoy food" when asking for travel advice?
Jazz+Travels 44
wine bar in Vernazza
jjhuth9 1
Wine Cellar in Barcelona
beatriuord 0
Wineries Orvieto-Siena
tam 2
Wine tasting in Portugal?
radianthealth 0
Nance 3
Wonderful Berlin Restaurant
bobt9876 2
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks - coffee
Nicole P 19
Your fave drink discoveries of '19? (Esp. aperitifs, wine, liqueurs, but brews welcome,...
avirosemail 20
Your favorite authentic European restaurant or shop in your hometown
Jean 64
Your most memorable fondue? Why?
avirosemail 30