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Restaurant in AMS, Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge & Lyon

Typically I prefer restaurants with local patrons, either local or ethnic cuisine as I read some good things about ethnic cuisine in these cities. Price mid range, high end if the food is worth it, I place less priority on ambiance. Would you share your actual dinning experience and possibly recommend some dish? Thanks and happy travel.

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When we were in Ghent we ate twice at Café Parti, near Gent Sint Pieters station. Very good both times. I loved the Beef Stew, one the best meals I had in the month we spent in Europe. The staff were great to, very helpful. The place was packed with locals, we seemed to be the only tourist in the place.

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ANTWERP-only list. Big warning: This list is 10 years old. While restaurants don't fail as often in Europe as in the US, this list is from before periods of economic stress. I have boldfaced the most notable, in my opinion.

Restaurants: Smoutebollen & Waffels: Desire de Lille, Schoenmarkt 12 & Schrijnwerkstraat 16-18; also are fresh-made at Leon: Melkmarkt 29;

Luxury Shopping: Burie Chocolatier 3 Korte Gasthuis Str.(& Lombardenvest); Goosens Bakery (wait in line) Korte Gasthuisstraat, 31;

Arte Suikerrui, 24; Ferrier 30 (same owner as Arte) Leopold de Waelplaats 30 (opposite KMSKA).

Ethnic/Unusual: Sombat (Thai) Vleeshuistraat 1 & Burchigracht opposite Steen, Baked Potatoes: Kumpir Eethuis Grote Markt 58 (Kaasrui) (closed??), Persepolis (Iranian) T-F 16:00-22:30, SS 12-22:30 9 Hendrik Conscienceplein, Medina (moroccan) Bolivarplatz?? Caribbean Inn, Korte Nieuwstraat 22 (St. Anna Godhuis recycled chapel-very unusual interior), ; Samoerai (x Tuesday - Japanese grill-table, river view, kimonos) Willem Ogierplaats 2-3 (in office building, facing Steen castle on river) Expense-Account entertainment aspect.

Bella Capri Pizza Oude Kornmarkt, 36, (good barebones Greek gyro place across street...) Verona Pizza Oude Kornmarkt, Tavola Italiana Zirkstraat, 45; De Peerdestal, Wijngaardstraat 8-10;, Le Zoute Zoen, Zirkstraat 15-17; .Het Vermoeide Model Linjnwaadmarkt 2. Sir Anthony Van Dyck Oude Koornmarkt (fine dining) 16 passage. Gin Fish Haarstraat 9 6:30 T-Th, 7 & 9 Sat-Sun. Berlin, Kleine Markt 1-3. Lombardia, Lombardenvest 78Zoro, Leopoldstraat 5 (Tim & Carrie 2009); Stone steak broiling: Brasserie De Valk Grote Markt 32; Roji Sushi (downstairs) Oude Koornmarkt 26; Fondue: Het Fondueke (maybe closed), Oude Koornmarkt 38; Quetzal, De Chocoladebar, Lijnwaadmarkt 11, near Hilton.

Restaurants from NY Times April 17, 2011
(The NY Times used to give away three free articles a month to non-subscribers.)

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(The NY Times used to give away three free articles a month to non-subscribers.)

I think they still do that but only for limited articles. That said, subscribers can now gift 10 articles a month. Anyone who is sent a gift article will be able to read it. I've gifted some here on a few occasions.

Phil, I recommend heading to the de Pijp neighborhood for some excellent eating. You can't go wrong there - many ethnic restaurants, great food and ambience and tons of locals hanging out. Head for the Albert Cuypmarkt, which has a lot of food stalls and nearby places. Little Collins was a great place for brunch, I remember. And there are lots of wonderful Indonesian restaurants - also Vietnamese (I ate at Pho91 and loved it).