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Restaurant name Help

Hi! After going on the RS Venice, Florence, and Rome tour in June, my Grandmother and I are trying to put together a itinerary of the things we saw, did, and ate. We realized that we are missing the names of the restaurants from the group dinners in Venice, Florence, and Rome. We were wondering if anyone who has gone on this tour know the names of the restaurants where they went. We are aware that different dates of this tour probably had different locations for group dinners, but are still interested in hearing the names. Thanks in advance!

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Here's a next time thing that won't help you this time. Buy a cheap pocket notebook and use it as a diary for your trip. Just a word or two or a line or two is all you need to jog your memory about the points of your trip. I carry one in my pocket and often write something in it I don't want to forget, restaurants, hotels, cabs, people, food, beers, etc.

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In those three cities especially, each guide has free choice of the restaurants, though some will be places that are also in Rick's book. Have you re-read the book listings to check for familiar names? The map might help if your remember roughly what direction you walked out of the door of your hotel (hotels also vary depending on tour date). If you need more things to remember, try to recall the name of what you ate, and use that as your photo caption ;-)