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Nutrition Facts Labels

I am on a restricted diet because of a medical condition. I know food products have a Nutrition Facts labels in England. Do they in France, Germany and Italy (my destinations on my next trip)?

An excess in sodium can leave me bedridden for a few days.

Thank you

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Everything I remember buying in France and Italy had nutrition information on the label.

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Not sure how the information we got from the OP was "sensitive", since we cannot identify them!
Anyway yes, either sodium or salt are listed for manufactured products. I'm assuming that you know that x grams of salt equates x/2.5 grams of sodium.
However, go to a boulangerie and you will find no such labels. French bread is quite salty (some bakeries carry no- or low-salt bread, so some research could be worth it if you stay somewhere a long time), Tuscan bread is virtually unsalted (or even salt-free, but not sure).

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I'm assuming that you know that x grams of salt equates x/2.5 grams of sodium.

I did not know that, balso, so thank you for the information! I learn new things every day on this forum. 😊

And to the OP, most of the foods I bought in Germany this year in markets had nutritional labels on them (except most bakeries as noted above). But you could probably ask them for the information.

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Thank you everyone.

Yes, just like in the United States, any freshly prepared product will not have a label. Sadly, restaurants are out of the question for me (the risk of the cook forgetting, adding a sauce or seasoning is too high).

Once again, thank you!

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Good clarification, balso. Indeed, nothing fresh will be labeled at a boulangerie, as you said.