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Dubrovnik, Croatia accomodations General Europe Toni 0
Cheap loding for single woman in Dublin & Edinburgh? To the North Lian-Marie 5
Rome or Florence Italy Thomas 14
Train(s) from Venice to CT ?? Italy Jayne 6
do I need an electrical convertor for my camera battery? General Europe Kathleen 8
Hand getsures (French) To the West Den 1
Train Station Lockers in Rome, Venice, Florence a& Pisa Italy Smile 4
Vegan foods available in europe General Europe Velda 6
Visas in Europe General Europe Brian 4
Closest Train Stations for Pisa, Florence and Venice Italy Denise 2
Two Months in Europe + Trains = ??? Transportation Elizabeth 5
Paris: transfer from Beauvais to CDG Transportation Bob 2
England To the North Katherine 4
Travel from Denmark to Norway Transportation Svetlana 4
Hotel Recommendation for Venice Italy TINA 3
Anyone every stayed in the Amstel Botel in Amsterdam? To the West CAH 1
Hotel National or Continental in BERN Switzerland? To the West Tom 0
Mosquitos in Tuscany Italy Dennis 6
rooms in CT Italy linda 2
frankfurt airport hotel To the West wendy 8
October Italy Packing List Italy Cindy 3
travel from Toledo to Madrid airport. To the West Virginia 4
transportation Transportation Nick 2
Moneybelt or what?? General Europe Jean 8
Lodging in Colmar To the West Frank 5
Driving from Cinque Terre to Venice Italy Ron 4
Hotel rating General Europe Maria 2
Travel from Paris to Amsterdam; Amsterdam to Normandy Transportation Jennifer 3
Staying in Sienna Italy Barbara 13
Place to stay in Milan Italy Italy Elena 7
European trip to Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland and Italy To the West Sarah 0
Baggage storage at Brussels Train Station? To the West Tom 1
single traveler General Europe Cheryl 5
Rue St.Honore - Vacation in Paris To the West Anne 6
b & be in amsterdam To the West juli 0
Bus travel Lisbon, Evora, Lagos, Sintra Transportation Erland 1
September B&Bs in Ireland To the North Cindy 3
Nice, inexpensive hotels in Dublin for a family of four? Transportation Kumait 1
What to do with the camera? Italy Kathy 7
B & B in Lucerne To the West Elaine 2
weather To the West sandy 4
Currency in Eastern Europe To the East Nanci 5
Paris Hotel Confirmations To the West Joel Schaeffer 1
Rome to Venice and Night Train Safety Transportation Jenny 2
Calendonian Sleeper from Edinburgh to London Transportation Suzanne 13
How to get to Neuschwanstein Castle??? Transportation Jenny 9
Alternatives in Bayeux or Caen if not interested in D-day tour To the West Tom 7
Transit from Paris to Amsterdam Transportation Suzanne 3
early morning air departures Rome Italy Chere 5
Flight seach for travel partners with different city of origin Transportation Karen 0