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train from london to rome

I am trying to see if there is a train that goes from london to rome, how long of a trip it is, and appoximately how much. When I google it, I am not finding an official site to buy a ticket or look at prices. Anyone have any info?

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Jill - In the Travel Tips section of the 'Plan Your Trip' tab of this website, there is a lot of information with links. One is to the Deutsche Bahn website -

The itinerary shows up as taking 16-21 hours with 2-4 train changes but there are no prices. Not sure if you could book the entire journey as one ticket as you would have to take the Eurostar to Paris and then other trains on from there. You should be able to find prices for the London to Paris portion on the Eurostar website and the rest on the Deutsche Bahn or French train websites.

The train probably costs at least twice as much as a plane ticket. Not sure if you are interested, but several airlines fly at discounted prices - we have previously used easyJet and British Airways.

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Take one of the cheap inter EU airlines for that trip. (being mindful of the EXACT airport that it flys into and out of.)

Go to to pick an airline, and enjoy the short and lo-cost trip!