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Avg Meal Costs - Latvia/Lithuania

I posted over at Tripadvisor but sometimes the responses are slower so I figured I'd ask over here. I'm getting conflicting information from my Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to both of these destinations. We are traveling to both Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania and attempting to figure out budget. I know has visited both cities rather recently but wasn't sure if there were others out there who had. I'm focused on costing out mid-range lunches and dinners (with 1 drink). Thanks!

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Ali, we were in both cities last September and meals there were quite reasonable, especially by European standards. I don't recall exactly, but you should be able to have a good meal for $10-15 each. The exchange rate is better right now, so that should help also.

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For a sit-down meal in Vilnius, I concur, $10-15 sounds about what I remember. The portions were quite large. I don't remember the exact name, but try the zeppelin-shaped dumplings.

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We were in Vilnius and other parts of Lithuania both last Summer and in 2007. I agree with the $10-$15 range. The zepellin-shaped dumplings are "cepelinai." Try 'em. An inexpensive pancake place is Gustos, Ausros Vartu 6 (up near the Gate of Dawn).

Use the In Your Pocket guides for both cities. You can see them online or purchase when you get there.
Feel free to PM with other questions about Lithuania.
Good luck.