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arriving p.m. Milan and going to CT same day or next? Italy Chere 12
getting from Malaga to Casablanca Transportation michelle 0
Germany 7days 4 girls youth passes or reg tickets? To the West Jeff 4
Athens hotel or B&B and for how long? To the East Pat 4
Ryanair from Venice to Brussels-Safe/Practical? Transportation Ginger 4
Priorities for Two Weeks in Spain To the West Wayne 7
Il Giardino Dei Tarocchi Italy Chad 0
Eurail Pass Clarification Transportation Linda 1
Has anyone ever transfered from Beauvais airport to Paris? Transportation David 1
Has anyone ever transfered from Beauvais airport to Paris? Italy David 9
train schedule a possible nightmare?? Transportation Karen 7
Cell phone sim cards in Paris To the West Joe 1
RER or Roissy bus to Paris? Transportation Joe 2
Trash issues Naples and area Italy Sally 3
Travel from athens to dubrovnik To the East Susan 0
Luisa Roldan Art work in spain To the West Patricia 0
Using an AT&T phone in England General Europe Betty Lou 2
Looking for accommadations Edinburgh? and discount airfare in Europe To the North Linda 3
2 Days in Heidelberg, Germany To the West Wendy 3
Staying in Sorrento... where should I fly into? Transportation Misty 2
Parking ticket in Florence Italy betty 2
Venice train safety Italy Lola 2
Vatican City Italy Debby 4
Staying in Switzerland (Lauterbrunnen or Murren)? To the West Meetu 13
How much time in Colmar? To the West Joanne 2
Eurail passes Transportation Justin 12
Autostrade Ticket in the Mail Italy Cali 19
Rental vans with driver Italy dan 2
Using public phones in Italy Italy Mark 1
Switzerland: Rail or Rental Car? To the West Mr. Itchy 4
ferry from Croatia to Venice and help w/ itinerary General Europe Toni 0
Rail passes for study abroad student Transportation David 0
Free S-Bahn with German Saverpass? Transportation Amy 1
Normandy day trip To the West Kendra 1
Rick's Roller Bag on SAS Airlines Transportation Marlene 3
Driving Rome - Sorrento ? Italy Cora 6
Cheapest European city to fly into Transportation Rachel 12
safety of night train Italy Kent 5
GSM World Phone General Europe Brannon 3
Walking shoes Italy Cindy 2
DB German Rail STRIKE - update - To the West Andreas 6
Convents in Rome and Florence? Italy Cindy 2
Day Tour of the Cotswolds from London To the North Colleen 4
Luggage for children? General Europe Suzanne 2
Ryan Air, is it as complicated as they make it seem? Transportation David 3
Ryan Air Italy David 1
Hotel Ideal or Umbra Hotel, Assisi ( with car) Italy charity 3
Question regarding Euroline bus passes General Europe Steve 2