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Vienna, Prague, Budapest- May 2013
Bob 2
Some of Italy in 14 Nights
Bob 3
Four Nation Vacation
Bob 9
Not Europe - Florida Keys
Bob 7
Italians were very nice
Bob 10
Washington D.C.
Bob 6
Nice trip - Spring 2015
Bob 9
Driving in France
Bob 8
RCC Serenade of the Seas Baltic cruise June 2019 plus extra Copenhagen & Stockholm days
Bobbie G 0
Scandinavia 23 days
bobbing 13
Aux Augustins apartments, Avignon, France
bobmarcott 0
Recent Visit to the Sunny UK
bobtrabucchi 22
Finally saw Edinburgh the right way - I hired a guide
bobtrabucchi 8
Trip report- Colmar, FR
bobwag70 3
The Emerald Isle
Bob Z 3
First trip to Europe
bogerjake 19
Europe trip
bogerjake 23
Thoughts on accommodations
bogerjake 15
Neighborhoods to stay in
bogerjake 7
Best of Scotland, early April, 2019 (season opener)
bogiesan 8
Amalfi coast excursion
Bonnie 5
Vapor cigarettes-ban use when with tour group?
BostonBria 26
Copenhagen Card Was A Mistake
bostonphil7 14
Hermitage Museum
bostonphil7 6
Zurich to Munich Road trip
bouthie 14
bpgjaj9 7
N. Spain 22 days
brad 11
Spain: Clean Toilets, Affordable Lodging
Brad 47
Morocco, Spain, Paris 2012
Brad 7
Trip Report: 12 days on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast with no car
Brad 2
France, Sept 2016
Brad 49
Some thoughts from my recent Ireland trip
Brad 11
Corfu Greece Map- Corfu Town and Top Sights.
brceramics 0
Favorite memory of Florence
Bree88 12
Rome and Mediterrean Cruise April 2016
breliafamily 2
Spring Break, Greece, Covid 19, and making the best of things!
BrendaGirl 11
First Europe Trip March-April 2010
Brendon 5
Europe trip June 15-July 1 2012
Brendon 0
Europe trip June15-July 1 part 2
Brendon 1
Europe trip June15-July 1 part 3
Brendon 0
Europe trip June 15-July 1 part 4
Brendon 1
A fantastic app to not get lost...
Brent 2
B&B would not honor Rick Steves discount on downloaded e-book
Brent 10
Vagabonding as a 58 year old!
brian 8
Central Portugal - Quintessential Southern Europe
Brian 2
Pisa and Food
Brian 2
24 Days in France- Report
Brian 15
Czech Republic/Austria Trip September/October 2015 part I
Brian 0
Czech Republic/Austria Trip September/October 2015 part II
Brian 1
Trip to Greece May 2016
Brian 2