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Better Paris Photo Tour

I just returned from Paris and while I was there, took a photo tour with Better Paris Photo, and I'm posting about it here because I haven't found any reference to it on this board even though it gets rave reviews on Trip Advisor. Actually, I took two toursan evening session and a day session in the Marais. My photographer-guide was Elena, and she was really helpful, providing immediate feedback for images and tips on improving them. I did the evening session first and the day session the following morning. We met at the Louvre and it was great, I got some fantastic photos of the pyramid. The evening session in particular felt a bit contrived; the itinerary was pretty set, but the Marais session was a little less structured. Since I had only met Elena for just the two days, it wasn't as focused on my style or improving specific issues I had, because there just wasn't time to get into it that thoroughly. But, even with that said, I would do it again in a heartbeat, and probably will do it again when I'm next in Paris. If you have an interest in photography and would like to get some feedback and practice in while in Paris, try it.

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Becca, thanks for the info. We were in Paris recently, and I was surprised to find that I took more than 1100 photos over five days. Everywhere you turn in Paris there's a photo. I myself took a one day class shortly before we left which was centered on using the camera in manual mode all the time. I'm so glad I did, it really opened up a new world for me and my pics!

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Dave, I totally agree! Paris is so photogenic. And shooting in manual really opens up a lot of options! What really surprised me was the emphasis on not using manual: she preferred to use aperture or shutter priority modes because they were quicker to change for your needs. So, during the tour, we bounced back and forth between the two depending on what we were doing, and then just had to change one setting. I don't know how many photos I took, but I took a huge card (so big the available number of photos was listed as 999 on my display...I think it was around 1500 or so...) and came home with about 160 photos worth of free space. I've posted photos on my blog and figured I would post maybe 70 or so...I think I've posted close to 200. It was a fun trip for photos. Glad you enjoyed taking photos in Paris as well!