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Flam > Bergen Ferry in Late Oct Too Dark?
2k9 2
Only Round-trip (No One-Way) Tickets for Sale for Flam Railway and Nærøyfjord Ferry?
2k9 2
Northern Norway Rec for Tromso and Sommaroy
33bethany 0
Norway in March?
4murrells 4
Norway small ship cruise
71ufgrad 0
Help with Itinerary: 5 days to go from Copenhagen to Bergen
aclapperton 7
aclapperton 3
better experience? Ferry from Bergen to Flam, or NIN?
aclapperton 11
Bergan to Trondheim Road Trip -- Would Like Itinerary Advice
acosner 0
Bergen and Fjords
aewaltman 5
Norway itinerary
agarwal.ritu0707 1
Norway in December
ahorton 2
Bergen to Oslo then where?
airbkk 4
Car rental in Sweden and Norway
ajheller 7
Renting a car in Sweden and Norway
ajheller 3
Adapters/converters for Norway?
aklittle7 4
One day in Trondheim
aklittle7 2
boat tour at geirengerfjorde
aknaan 0
Walking from Berekvam station to Flam
aknewton 3
Plane from Oslo to Amsterdam
aknewton 5
bus or train from Oslo to Gothenburg
aliceinchina 0
October with extra days / NIN
aliciad67 2
Norway in May/June 2019
alidoodle 11
DIY NiN - advice welcomed!
alidoodle 1
NORWAY - question on Fjord Safari from Flam
alinadonnell 0
Norway in September - Advice
alisha.53 6
Help with Denmark/Norway itinerary
allegrettoj 1
NiN start in Oslo or Bergen?
allegrettoj 1
Western Norway itinerary help
Allen 3
Full-Coast Cruise Query
Allison 4
Fjord Excursion vs. Norway in a Nutshell - Choice or Both?
Allison 3
Avaldsnes Viking "touring"
Allison 1
Bergen to Oslo
allisonjreeves 3
Day Trips and fun things to do around Olsofjord Convention Center near Stokke
allisonshearer 3
Scenic route Bergen to Stavanger or???
alpinehiker800 0
Norway Itinerary Feedback
Amy 4
Flam to Borgund Stave Church
AmyinDC 1
Norway in a week
amyoung1989 4
Norway Fjords in 7 days
anai.closings 8
Help with itinerary in Fjord region
Andrea 6
Day Trip To Fjords From Bergen
Andrea 6
Bergen has a new airport terminal and also light rail to reach it
Andre L. 1
Alesund to Bergen Advice
AndTylerToo 2
Itinerary help for Norway/Iceland/Copenhagen trip!!!
angela9051 6
Help - Myrdal- Flam Train Ticket
animesh1102 1
Sykkylven / Alesund
Anita 4
Cheap Eats in Norway
Anita 2
Norway in a Nutshell
ann 4
Fjord Country with small RV
Anna 11
Fjords in late October
annalangstaff 2