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NiN start in Oslo or Bergen?

I would like to take the Norway in a Nutshell route between Oslo and Bergen (not sure which way). I realize it is probably the exact same scenery (please tell me if I'm mistaken). My flights are USA to Copenhagen arrive on a Saturday noon leave 8 days later on a Sunday noon. My plan is for the last week of July. I plan on taking the ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo in the middle of the trip.

I would either start in Bergen or Copenhagen as follows:

STart in Bergen:
2 nights Bergen (sat/sun)
Bergen-Oslo via NinN 1 night (Monday in Flam)
Oslo 2 nights (Tues/Wed)
Ferry to Copenhagen (thurs)
2 nights Copenhagen (Friday/Sat)

The reverse itin. would be

2 nights Copenhagen (sat/sun)
Ferry to Oslo (Mon)
2 nights Oslo (Tues/Wed)
NiN with one night in Flam (Thurs).
2 nights Bergen (Fri/Sat)

Can someone help me decide which Itinerary to take? At first I was thinking the 2nd one. However it may be easier on my body to start in Bergen for the first part of the trip since I'll be tired from the overnight flight and Bergen is less taxing that Copenhagen. I want to enjoy some nightlife and I understand Copenhagen is better than Bergen right? Also I come and go on my international flight to Copenhagen and I'm adding on a flight to or from Bergen, I figured it was better to have it at the beginning and end up in my departure city. What does everyone think?
Also is Flam the best stopover on NiN regardless of which direction?

Thanks in advance!

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Perhaps head straight to Gothenburg in Sweden for your first night - direct trains run hourly from Copenhagen Airport. If you are a fan of Danish TV show 'The Bridge', you should find this option particularly appealing.

1. Arrive Copenhagen. Train directly to Gothenburg (1)
2. Train to Oslo (2)
3. Oslo sights
4. NIN - Train to Flam (1)
5. NIN - To Bergen (2)
6. Bergen sights (fjord cruise ??)
7. Fly to Copenhagen (2)
8. Copenhagen sights
9. Depart Copenhagen

Sightseeing options from Bergen ...