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Walking from Berekvam station to Flam

Rick mentions this in his guide. Does anyone know how difficult of a walk this is? Does it have lots of up and down hills, or is it mostly downhill to Flam?

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Only rode the train and it's pretty much a steep downhill (for a train). I have heard about doing it as a mountain bike descent but have not done it. Trekking poles may help take the impact of your legs/knees.

The 11 Km ride is down hill more or less all the way, starting at 345
meters above sea level and ending near the Fjord at Flåm. Your guide
will lead the way and make sure you don’t miss the best photo stops
and viewpoints. A vehicle will follow behind the group providing
support for any problems or breakdowns that can happen.

The narrow road passes besides the river most of the way with
fantastic views of the valley. You have marvellous water walls falling
from the high glaciers hanging on the mountains, so don’t forget to
keep your camera handy. If you like you can fill your water bottle
from the river or streams much of the way down the ride.

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I do not recall the station that we exited the train for the downhill hike. We clocked it on our GPS as 7 miles. It was an easy hike that we completed in a few hours. I do not remember any significant uphills. The entire hike was downhill with some flat sections. Most of the hike was a dirt road and is not technical whatsoever. Poles are really not needed for this hike. We used hiking shoes for this, but running shoes would definitely be sufficient. It was a beautiful hike with waterfalls galore and as you get closer to Flam, the villages get larger and larger. I use the word village loosely as some of the "villages" were 7-10 buildings. I strongly recommend it.

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Thanks a lot. Exactly what I wanted to know. Based on the mileage it sounds like it was indeed Berekvam station that you walked from. Good travels!