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Renting a car in Sweden and Norway

We are contemplating renting a car in Stockholm for 3-4 weeks and driving this north to Abriso, crossing into Norway at Narvik and then driving back down through Norway before returning to Stockholm.

1) I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who might have done this or anything similar

2) Does anyone know if there are any issues with taking a Swedish rental car into Norway?

3) Does anyone know if Swedish rental cars are normally registered with EPC - European Parking Collection - that deals with toll payments in Norway?

4) Any other thoughts?



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then driving back down through Norway before returning to Stockholm

I just wonder how many hours this entire trek would consume, 40 hours of just driving? Have you figured something? Lots of Norway averages 20 MPH even on the main highways.

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Why do you think we might only avg 20 mph? We don't plan on driving in any big cities.

We have 3 weeks to complete the drive and plan on doing a lot of hiking.


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In the fjord/mountain areas that's what we averaged, something like that, and that's 90% of the country. The drive down from Narvik will be very slow. Maybe Trondheim to Oslo will be faster, but if you average 45 MPH that's an exceptional day. There are no town bypasses. Note that there are slow speed limits everywhere and no speeding, there are both kinds of speed camera enforcement, spot and then average speed between cameras miles apart.

Driving around Mexico is much faster than driving around Norway. It's a wonderful place to drive but don't bite off too much, although 4 weeks is a long time.

Edit: double checking our long day, about 1/3 fjord area and one short ferry, 265 miles took 8 hours or 32 mph and that was 100% main highways.

Google map times are 20% faster than possible.