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Flam > Bergen Ferry in Late Oct Too Dark?

I wanted to take the ferry from Flam to Bergen (Norled is the only company I know of that does this), but I see that sunset is at about 5PM and the 5 hour ferry only departs at 3:30PM. Would this journey be too dark to be worth it?

My original plan was to take the Nærøyfjorden ferry from Flam to Gudvangen, bus back to Flam, then ferry to Bergen. However, if the ferry to Bergen would be worthless that late, then maybe I should do something else like bus/train from Gudvangen to Voss to Bergen.

Thoughts? Other alternatives?

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For Flam - Gudvangen I suggest to take a ferry around noon. Even in summer with high-standing sun there were some shadows:

I suggest to search for some webcams along Sognefjord and have a look at the relevant day times.

In addition you can find places more in the north which have even today similar sunset times like Sognefjord at your date of travel. So you can get a feeling how fast it gets dark. Trondheim Havn and Bodo Havn have good webcams for example - look up surrent sunset times.

In my opinion Sognefjord is more scenic in the inner country part, means Aurlandfjord and Naeroyfjord. Also area Vanngsnes / Balestrand has some nice views. More to the coast it gets less dramatic - so it does not really matter how much you will see.

Hope that helps to get a grip.

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It's not worth it. Even is sunset is around 17.00, there will be plenty of shadows after 16.00 already, and you will not enjoy much your trip, especially considering how likely it is to also have overcast/cloudy skies.

Take the train back to Bergen.