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Norway for 10 days in June 22

Editing this post to cover more details

I’m visiting Norway for 10 days as a part of 2 week solo trip to Norway and Sweden in June 22. I won’t be driving and relying just on public transport. I'm not on a showstring budget but rather mid-range. I plan to spend b/w $100-$120 per night in lodging.
My focus is to see the most beautiful fjords even if they're touristy, since it's my first visit to Norway. However, I want to have a good mix of offbeat (whatever possible without car) and touristy places.

My tentative itinerary is as below-

Day 1- After spending 4 days in Stockholm, take a train from Stockholm to Oslo. Overnight in *Oslo***

Day 2- Take a train from Oslo-Flåm (Myrdal to Flåm in Flåmsbana). Overnight in Gudvangen. Since the 'DIY Norway in a Nutshell' is one of the highlights of my trip, I don't want to rush this completing Oslo-Bergen journey in one go. But, TBH I'm facing difficulty in finding budget accomodation in Flåm & Gudvangen since this is the peak season. Would you recommend skipping the nightstay in Gudvangen/Flåm or limiting it to 1 night?

Day 3- Fjord tour from Gudvangen to Flåm, and back to Gudvangen via bus. Overnight in Gudvangen. Not much agenda, just relax

Day 4- Reach Bergen in the noon from Gudvangen (via Bus to Voss and then Train to Bergen), Overnight in Bergen

Day 5- Bergen (local sights) Ulriken Cable Car, Fløyen (Fløibanen Funicular), Fantoff Church. Overnight in Bergen. Are there any good fjord cruises that I can consider? (Hardangerfjord etc)

Day 6- Bus to Ålesund. I know it’s a 9.5 hour journey but it’ll be worth it given the stunning views. Overnight in Ålesund

Day 7- Day trip to Geirangerfjord. It's a very pricey tour from Ålesund and will take the entire day, would you recommend staying in Geriranger instead of Ålesund, since my primary objective to stay in Ålesund was to see Geirangerfjord.

Day 8- 2 Hr FRAM bus to Åndalsnes, overnight in Åndalsnes, maybe I can drop this, as my only reason to visit was to do the Rauma line train journey. Pls recommend what I should add instead.

Day 9- Day trip via the Rauma line to Dombas, and back. Overnight in Åndalsnes

Day 10- Leave for Oslo from Åndalsnes, 6.5 hour train. I am not to kicked about spending more time in Oslo, hence just 1 night

Day 11- Fly out in the morning

Looking fwd to your feedback, thanks so much!

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I don't think there is a train from Bergen to Ålesund (??). Someone will know. I went by bus, but then I was starting up further north of Bergen. But I don't remember reading /seeing / hearing anything about a train station in Ålesund.

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Since it involves a lot of moving around I was wondering if you could
help me pick the better option out of Alesund and Andalsnes.

Ålesund without a shadow of a doubt. I can't see why you would even consider staying in Åndalsnes.

Day 7- day trip to Geirangerfjord Day 8- train to Andalsnes Day 9- day
trip via the Rauma line to Dombas, overnight in Andalsnes Day 10-
leave for Oslo

This part just doesn't make sense to me. Are you planning take a train from Ålesund to Åndalsnes, make a day trip Åndalsnes-Dombås and back, and then leave for Oslo?

If so, there are no trains from Ålesund to Åndalsnes, but there are buses. And when you have arrived in Dombås, why travel back to Åndalsnes just to return the next day?

I also think you are cutting Oslo a bit short.

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As two of us have learned, lodging for June is tight in Flam. If you don't have something pinned down yet, start looking ASAP.

How do you plan to travel from Flam to Bergen on Day 4? I believe there are three basic options:

  • The express boat from Flam to Bergen, which is said not to have the most exciting scenery most of the way, because the fjord widens out.

  • The Nutshell route involving a passenger ferry from Flam to Gudvangen (extremely scenic), Bus 950 (also extremely scenic) from Gudvangen to Voss and then the main-line train from Voss to Bergen (not great scenery, apparently).

  • The bus from Flam to Gudvangen (instead of the very scenic ferry), Bus 950 from Gudvangen to Voss and then the train from Voss to Bergen.

The second one seems the preferred option from the scenic standpoint, but what fjord tours do you plan to take on Day 3? Unless you want the adrenaline rush of a RIB tour, might your Day 3 activities duplicate the Flam-to-Gudvangen ferry that would otherwise be recommended on Day 4?

You have to be careful about boat and bus schedules in that part of Norway. There are some lovely options, but most run very infrequently. For example, you could take the express boat from Flam to Balestrand (which sounds like an attractive town), but the boat arrives in Balestrand at 4:50 PM and doesn't return to Flam that day. There's also bus service between the two, but it's slow and requires a connection in Sogndal. The best I can tell, you can't do a single-day round trip by bus, either; you'd be stuck in Sogndal overnight.

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If you are still looking for lodging in Flåm and are open to hostels consider Brekke Gard hostel and apartments. Shared bathrooms and kitchen but we (family of 3) had a private room. It was the only accommodation available for our night in Flåm and it was fine. Not luxurious but comfortable. Plus we enjoyed meeting other people.

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How do you plan to travel from Flam to Bergen on Day 4? I believe
there are three basic options:

A fourth one: Train via Myrdal.

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One could go that way, but Aditi is traveling from Oslo through Myrdal to Flam on Day 2, so there doesn't seem a need to retrace the Flamsbana leg later on.

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Yes, but it might work out easier to accomplish than the other options.

On Day 2, how are you planning to get from Flåm to Gudvangen? Make sure that there is a bus available that will get you there after you arrive all the way from Oslo.

I stayed in Flåm at the campground that also has a hostel attached - Flam Camping. It was a lot cheaper than anything else and suited my needs for the night. Then again, I was traveling last August when not as many people could enter Norway.

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Hello, and thank you to all those who responded. I'll be taking the ferry from Flam to Gudvangen, and then #950 bus from G to Voss, train from Voss to Bergen

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Kim, I noticed your earlier post about the hostel. It made me more comfortable about staying there, too. Not that I'd expect to run into a truly unacceptable lodging place in Norway.

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Acraven - i did rent a room instead of staying in a dorm room with shared facilities, but really I think everything there would be fine, it’s a family that owns and cares for it all.

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One could go that way, but Aditi is traveling from Oslo through Myrdal
to Flam on Day 2, so there doesn't seem a need to retrace the
Flamsbana leg later on.

True, but to be fair there isn't really any need to travel to Norway at all… Taking the Flåmsbana back to Myrdal will allow you to see the view from both sides. As well as the view from the train between Myrdal and Voss. There are several options to choose from, all of them good.

@aditigupta1887: If you update your original post it is helpful if you indicate what you have changed.

But my recommendation for the trip from Åndalsnes is to take the train to Dombås, continue to e.g. Lillehammer. Stay there for the night before flying back home.