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Help with Denmark/Norway itinerary

I have a voucher I must use on WOW by August 1. I tentatively booked a flight into Copenhagen for the last week of July. Wow does not fly to Norway unfortunately. They do fly to Stockholm. I am trying to create a 7, 8 or 9 day itinerary in which I land in Copenhagen...spend a night and sightseeing day then take the Overnight boat trip to Oslo. Spend a night in Oslo then adding a 3 or 4 night Norway n a nutshell itinerary. The problem is I don't know what itinerary to add. My other problem is I have to return to Copenhagen. Can anyone advise me as to what is a good itinerary for the Norway in a nutshell piece that will put me in a good position to get back to Copenhagen for my return flight to the US?

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I would suggest something like this:

2 nights in Copenhagen (one is not enough!) (Neither is two for that matter!)
1 night overnight ferry to Oslo
2 nights Oslo
1 night Flam or Gudvangen or Balestrand (in the middle of NiN or SiN)
2 nights Bergen
Fly Bergen to Copenhagen, and then home

You can adjust as schedules necessitate, but I wouldn't want to do any portion of this itinerary with less time than I've suggested.

You can book the trains independently if you prefer, or use the links I provided and book them as packages.