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Norway in September - Advice


I'm planning a solo trip to Norway for a duration of 10 days, followed by time in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and if time permits, Germany. I am unable to decide if late September is a bad time to visit Norway in terms of the weather. I'mm worried i might miss out on sights the fjords if I go during this time. However, I do realize that if I go in early September I might not be seeing the aurora borealis! Please correct me if I'm wrong.
1). I have at hand the task of choosing between early september (1st week) vs last week of september (after 22nd) to choose from.
Any help with this will be much appreciated!

2). Any recommendations/ tips for a Bergen to Kirkenes cruise?

Thank you :)

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Norwegians live in Norway year round and I've enjoyed Norway late winter and early spring. September shouldn't be a problem in the cities. Mountain huts/lodges may start to close but closures are more that usage drops during the shoulder seasons.

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Thank you Edgar :)
I was starting to worry, even though I have now plans for an early September trip to Norway.

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Here is what the Norwegian travel promotion website has to say about autumn in Norway:

Fall is the time for walks in fresh, crisp air. September and October
sees the arrival of wetter and wilder weather, and there can be quite
heavy rainfalls during fall. Gradually the days grow shorter, darkness
descends early in the afternoon, and temperatures drop as winter

In the fall the landscape is painted in golden colours and the
temperature drops slowly through September, making for good weather
for picking berries and mushrooms.

Be aware that Norway is a very long north-south country and Sami country will be cooler than mild Oslo.

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Hi Edgar,
This makes sense now. Much thanks. I have decided to further shift the same to late August, with some spillover to Sept 1st week.
Hopefully that should work :)

Did you do also do a longer cruise via the fjords while there?

Thanks again!