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DIY NiN - advice welcomed!

Hi all,

Hoping you can help, please. I've put together a rough itinerary for my Norway trip in May. Some background info:

  • First visit to Norway with partner.
  • Need to rely on public transport.
  • We enjoy great food (particularly food unique to the region), leisurely 'hikes', beautiful scenery - generally taking it easy in amazing places.
  • My itinerary is below. Days 1,2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are locked in (ie we have accom/travel booked). For Days 3-6 we are researching where to stay, would love some advice please. Once itinerary is firmed up we will book NIN train tickets as I know these can be cheaper when bought in advance:

Day 1: Arrive Oslo early afternoon. Go straight to hotel, rest, early night.
Day 2 (Sunday): Full day Oslo. Kon Tiki museum, Sculpture Park, Pascal Bakery, check out Opera House, etc. Anything else you suggest for Oslo (assuming shops will be shut on Sunday?).
Day 3: Begin DIY Norway in a Nutshell trip. Suggestions for first stop/overnight stay?
Day 4: NiaN. Suggestions for overnight stay?
Day 5: NiaN. Suggestions for overnight stay?
Day 6: NiaN. Suggestions for overnight stay?
Day 7: Aurland (hikes, hot tub, visit cheese farm etc).
Day 8: Aurland (as above)
Day 9: Aurland to Bergen (what is the best way to get there - is it just to continue along the NiaN traditional route i.e. Flam to Bergen?). Remainder of day in Bergen - Bryggen, etc.
Day 10: Full day Bergen (Floibanen, leisurely hikes, lunch etc).
Day 11: Fly to next destination.

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I used the RS book for planning. There I found the excellent suggestion to take the English language guided tour of the historic core of Bergen. It's seasonal, though? Available in May? Despite extensive research as a history buff, I gained insights from the guide I never would have, without. I enjoyed walking down from the Floibanen, an easy trek assuming your knees have no issues 😉.
The Kon Tiki Museum was really informative. Are you not interested in the Viking Museum? Beautiful! And not too large. And I really wanted to see the Gol stave church ( pretty much skipped the rest of the outdoor museum). You can see the Opera House area pretty quickly. If you go to the sculpture park the adjoining museum provides interesting context.
All this means pricing whether the Oslo Card could save some money...
Have a wonderful trip! ( I didn't stay over along the NIN.)