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October with extra days / NIN

Hello, I have seen various questions regarding NIN but not specific to what I'm looking for. We will be arriving in Oslo October 16th, spending the next two days touring Oslo. I then plan to do NIN on October 19th. However, I don't fly home from Oslo until the afternoon of the 22. So I am trying to figure out how to spend the extra 2 days. Should i spend 2 nights in Bergen and do day trips from there? I would love to do other Fjord cruises but it seems most of the hotels and cruises shut down at the end of September. I could rent a car but would prefer not to. Any suggestions for making the most of the free time?
Thank you!

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I don't think there's one right or best answer. There are any number of good options. You'll have to research ferry schedules and hotel closures, though.

First off, I would suggest you look into flying back to Oslo from Bergen in the morning of October 22. That will simplify things a lot. Just be sure to allow lots of time (minimum 3 hours) between arrival time and departure of your flight home.

If you can work that out timing-wise, that gives you three nights. I think it's worthwhile to spend two nights in Bergen, and you could spend all three nights there. Or you could spend one night somewhere en route (Flam and Balestrand are popular choices, though Balestrand is not strictly on the NiN itinerary and requires slightly different travel routing).

If you spend 3 nights in Bergen, there are several day cruises that I believe run year round, so you can probably find enough to see and do without renting a car.

Have a great trip! You're in for a ton of scenic beauty!

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You could structure a two day or longer NIN with a stop over at one of the fjord villages. (Check this forum for discussion/suggestions at to which village). I suspect that October would be too late for casual glacier hiking but the site could offer fjord area suggestions that may be of interest to you.

Bergen rates at least a full day (two nights) if you arrive late in the day and are planning on taking the morning train back to Oslo.