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Western Norway itinerary help

We will be in Norway for a week in late April after a week in Netherlands, where we will have spent a week in Amsterdam. We are a family of 6 with children ages 21, 18, 15, 13. We are reasonably adventurous and primarily are wanting to see the beauty of Norway, other than our time in Oslo.

Our plan is:
-2 nights in Oslo, primarily to visit our ancestral villages in the area; we aren't planning on spending as much time in the city (1.5 days)
--Norway in Nutshell Oslo-Bergen (all day)
-2 nights in Bergen (one full day to see the city)
-1 night (2 days) UNKNOWN
-2 nights Stavanger (hike Preikestolen)

First off, do the known parts of this itinerary seem doable? I know that we aren't spending much time in Oslo, but with all the beauty out west, it seemed the more efficient thing to do. NIN would give us the chance to see a beautiful section of the country while travelling west. Is one day enough in Bergen? I assume the Preikestolen hike takes most of the day? What will the travelling, weather, and scenery be like in late April? I understand that some things are still closed in April.

The primary thing I would like advice on is how to handle the undetermined 2 days and 1 night between Bergen and Stavanger. I am thinking of renting a van and possibly taking two days to get down to Stavanger, staying somewhere along the way to break up the trip and see the country. Was thinking of seeing Hardangerfjord and travelling south from there. Any recommendations on this? Where would be the place to stay, and primary things to see? Another option could be to spend 2 nights somewhere, and only spend 1 night in Stavanger, after the Preikestolen hike. Or should we stay in the Bergen area or the Sognefjord area and maximize our time there, taking the Kystbussen bus down to Stavanger or fly. (I have heard that there no longer is an express boat from Bergen to Stavanger).

Keep in mind that Stavanger is a must because we fly out from there, are Preikestolen is a priority.

Thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately, April is too early to hike Preikestolen. The trail is listed as opening sometime in May. April is still ski season in Norway. There's a chance they'll have lots of rain and no snow, but even then there will likely be packed snow, slush, lots of mud and some ice in places on the trail.

For transport between Bergen and Stavanger you can either take the kystbussen or fly on either Norwegian or SAS for about $100 ea.

I'd suggest staying a night or two in Geilo and maybe even doing some cross-country skiing or snow shoeing as an alternative to hiking Preikestolen. Then you could continue the Nutshell trip to Bergen after a stay there. I think the bus will be fine from Bergen to Stavanger. It goes on the ferry along the way as well. It should be quite scenic if you're lucky to have some sun or at least higher clouds.

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In late April the path up to Preikestolen will most likely be OK. But it's a risk that there still might be a bit snow or slush, and early in the morning in late April the temperatures can be as low as the freezing point. It's up to you if you want to take the little risk.

I really recommend you to put in the undetermined night to the Norway in a nutshell part. It's fantastic, and by staying the night half the way (in Flåm), it will be a much more relaxing journey. It seems very stressfull to squeeze the whole thing in to one single day. It's much beautiful nature to digest.

Hardangerfjord is beautiful, but it can be a bit to much to cramp it in a drive all the way from Bergen via Hardangerfjord, with that little amount of time.

Kystbussen from Bergen to Stavanger is a great second choice, but does not match a ride along the Hardangerfjord. The bonus with Kystbussen is that everyone can enjoy the scenery (no one has to drive).

Good luck with your trip. I'm sure it will be great, anyhow.