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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Skiing Holidays in Europe
Penny 3
Mona Winks
Susan 1
mailing packages from France
judy 3
Backpack vs Shoulder Bag
Laura 13
visa for europe
carmen 4
Traveling alone
Katy 0
theft insurance
Kendal 14
podcasts as audio guides
Reiselle 2
Which is best youth discount card to get for Europe?
Pam 2
debbie 12
Alps di Suisi and Italy in the summer?
Nick 1
Frankfurt to Italy
Nick 2
Rookie traveller
Nick 4
Found Passport
Ellen 6
Passport Panic?
Darby 16
Dollar being devalued (Euros) ??
Sierra 3
Skechers shoes?
Kelly 7
Luggage Storage
Erin 1
Gruuthuse Museum-Brugge
Paul 2
To other high maintenance women... Acrylic nail question...
Amy 19
Central Station in Florence
Conor 1
Fran 3
Flavius B&B in Rome, Italy
twtravelers 0
Airline Weight Restrictions - How strict are they ?
Sierra 6
Batteries (AA & AAA) in Europe
Sierra 2
Hostels: After a shower what do you do with your wet towel?
Jeffrey 4
backpacking through europe
Brewwife 4
Shorts & White Tennis shoes.
JT 15
one more stupid liquids question - makeup
Leah 8
Taking a guitar on the pland-Delta
Leah 6
Traveling with 4 children - question
Ann 12
Does color/style luggage make a difference
shirley 2
NEW and NAIVE taveler room questions:
Vanessa 6
Duane 5
Voltage Converters
Mary 9
3 oz bottle limitation
Donna 2
Staying in Baden Baden
Kathy 1
Cotton Confusion
Kelly 5
Will old voltage converter still work?
Steve 0
SIM Cards?
Debra 21
Buying Euros at JFK
Julianne 11
ANOTHER question about money in Europe
Julianne 14
Which Captial One card?
Ellen 4
Discover Card Use
Kathryn 11
any access to upload pictures to internet
Joni 9
minimizing accomodation costs for 3 teens and 2 parents
Angela 2
Fall weather in Germany/Austria
Kimberly 6
Travel pillow
Carol 53
Using ATMs for Local Curency...a Different Question
Ellen 8
Hemingway Bar at the Paris Ritz
BG1 4