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10 days Europe tour - itinerary help needed

Me and my husband are planning a 10 day Europe tour in August end/ starting September. We have thought about visiting London, Paris, Rome, Florence and Venice (not necessarily in the same order). We need to know if we have picked up right choices as this is our first Europe tour. We are flexible in choosing some other locations. Also, need to know how many nights/days we need to be at these places. Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a ton !!

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If your 10 days do not include your flying days, then you will probably want to narrow you trip down to 3 cities. That would give you about 2 1/2 days in each- not very much time for these locations. Why not consider focusing on only 1 or 2. London is a great place to start (though I know LOTS of posters on this board advocate Paris). Think about YOUR interests and pick the one that best matches them. Plan on returning! If you feel you must do more than one then London, Paris and Rome would work if you can get flights.

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?You need to plan your itinerary. I always plan my itinerary by creating a page with the dates down the left and activity columns across the top.

List the town where you spend the night, travel time to that town, estimated cost of accommodations, estimated cost of meals,miscellaneous expenses and any other items of importance to you.

In that way you can budget your travel time, sight-seeing and nights. You can add the estimated cost for each day and determine how much your trip will cost.

Spend some time studying a map of Europe so you will
know the distances between towns. Determine the method and estimate travel time required between towns where you will spend the night.

If you research on the web for travel costs, such as
train, ferry, air fares and hostels in each town you
can save a lot of money. The key is RESEARCH.

After 20 years of planning, I have come to rely on
info gathered on the web. It is invaluable; and I have found it mostly accurate. Although you will find
some errors.

Always use your ATM card to purchase local
currency. It is by far the cheapest, easiest and
quickest way.

You will find machines in supermarkets, service stations, in front of banks, hotels, air and RR terminals and shopping centers.

So that you won't have to carry excess currency, use
your credit card for accommodations and meals. Be
sure to ask if that business takes credit cards before you make your purchase.

If you scan this Graffiti Wall in other categories you will find lots of tips from other travelers. And read the Graffiti archives too.

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Thanks Tony and Carl !! Your input is really helpful.
Even we would like to narrow down on London and Paris, but have question:
I am planning to go for pre-paid forex card. One can load it only in a single currency .e. either Euro or GBP. Will it prove to be cost-effective?? My reason for going with Forex card is that you are saved from currency fluctuations and everytime one swipes it, there is no 2-3% of transaction charge levied. Please suggest if this is the right way to go.

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That is the wrong way to go. Use the ATM's with a debit card from your checking account.

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Per the card to get cash, the prepaid cards charge a high percentage (7%-8%) up front to load the card and still charge another ½% min when you use the ATM. You can get about half that rate (at worst) just using an ATM card from a bank. Major banks that have currency exchange operations pay what's called the network (Cirrus, Plus, et al) in Euro and then charge you about 3% to change it to USD. Smaller banks or credit unions, without currency exchange operations just pay the network about ½% for currency exchange and pass it on to you, so find a small bank, just make sure the card is for Cirrus or Plus.

I also agree that you are trying to see too much in 10 days. One or two days in a major attraction like Paris is not enough time. Limit your travel to Italy, or to London and Paris.

Think quality, not quantity.

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Just as a note of interest, many countries do not have the same banking system as America, so telling people to just use their checking account may be meaningless. This does not even exist in Germany, and I have no idea about India.

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I think it depends on what type of city you enjoy; Barcelona and Florence are at the top of my list, much higher than either Paris or London.

What types of activities/culture/art/weather/people/food do you enjoy? I'd research what areas matched my interests and then focus on just a couple of cities max; otherwise, you'll be spreading yourself too thin. Think quality, not quantity.