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COVID-19 & Travel

Traveling in a post-pandemic world

Europe is opening up to travelers from the United States and beyond, but travel conditions are changing fast. Share your thoughts and first-hand experiences about traveling in a COVID-19 world. What factors are important to you? Have you experienced entry red tape? What about flight and hotel availability, pricing, and cancel/refund policies?

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Question on UK 2-day test
Lola 6
Airports and covid
Mary 32
Netherlands to Eliminate Quarantine for Boosted Travelers
Dana 0
Vaccine validity—No need to panic.
Carrie 15
England dropping testing requirements for vaccinated arrivals
rob in cal 10
My dad caught COVID-19, is my solo trip ruined?
Mike L 19
passport expeditor information
jrc47460 3
Where to find Covid testing rules for each country
CLH1 5
Best travel insurance for cancelations
lynn.koiner 13
Covid-19 booster jab whilst travelling?
naroot66 2
Travel insurance that with high quarantine hotel coverage if needed? Can I buy 2...
pinkdawn88 9
France Pass Sanitaire
kim.c.keen1955 8
When will you feel comfortable to travel?
Frank II 50
Ouiji Boards and Crystal Balls
Frank II 12
Italy’s Six Month Vaccine/Booster Requirement
Sue 5
Italy's new COVID 19 restrictions: what are they?
Becky 12
COVID 19 testing in Germany
laclisa02 3
Travelers Insurance
rr4382 16
Reuse masks
Emily 13
Arriving in Ireland but going same day to Northern Ireland (UK). Whose protocol?
carol 3
covid 19 proctored home test for travel with I phone
carol 16
Can't beat the paperwork
phred 10
Testing at a clinic or buying a test for the hotel room
Mike L 9
Trip Insurance without health care coverage?
Ladyvet27 8
Educated Guesses - UNvaccinated US Resident travel in Europe in late June 2022
Kerry 22
Traveling through countries
halfdozmom 11
Another Digital EU Covid Certificate question
Chris 9
Quarantine if someone on your arrival plane has Covid
cathywbrown 3
Seattle times online article about testing positive in Italy
Caryn J 18
Travel and Endemicity
Bob 19
QR Code on MyChart that shows vaccine status
Mardee 2
CDC Card in Estonia?
nathanwinfrey5 6
Covid restrictions…Uk, Amsterdam & Germany
Trob 12
Egypt & Covid-19
slbdaisy 5
Lufthansa website document upload problems
LJ4242 7
Trip Panic! Or just Butterflies?
Mr É... 32
Omicron: How the new variant will affect travel?
MarkK 25
when to fill out the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form
csnied 2
How to update EU COVID certificate with booster info?
spoilednonrev 5
Covid question - if a co-traveler tests positive
Jean 12
Eastern Europe and Covid restrictions
Julie 6
NYT:What happens if you test positive while traveling
Frank II 10
FYI : Recent Travel to Italy
Mike K 4
Transiting Question: Netherlands Onward To Greece
dbrowning98 3
Masks: wearing, storing, reuse guidance
Becky 1
50 minute connection in Schiphol adequate?
M. E. 10
What exactly happens if you test positive before returning to US?
Suzanne 13
Got my French Pass Sanitaire online (via Switzerland)
1885BD 0
Italy is now on the list of very high...
Steph 4
Danielle 9