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Medjet is the only travel insurance i ever buy; I would not leave home without it. The posts I read here about the other types of travel insurance are way too much trouble, and far too expensive, for whatever you think they cover (good luck with all of that legalese and fine print).

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Bookmarking. We may or may not have a medical problem looming, so I've put off buying insurance. I do need to be looking, however. Medevac is the main thing, but housing costs if we test positive at the end our our trip is also an issue.

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I used to purchase MedJet but then one of us turned 75 and their over-75 policy really steamed me.
There are about 3 pages of medical disclosure forms and then, for each medical doctor you have seen in the last 12 months, you are supposed to have them fill and and sign a one page statement about your health and travel fitness.

So we moved to AirMed.

$385 for two people for a year.

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Valerie thank you for the AirMed info. My husband is 75 and I found the same with Medjet. Even with no health conditions, there’s the added doctor visit for their forms which is probably your own expense.
Pared thank you for the Bloomberg article. It mentions Covac Global.
Travel insurance is complicated and I appreciate everyone’s information. Learning a lot from the forums.