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Lufthansa website document upload problems

Anyone else have issues trying to use the Lufthansa document upload feature on their website? Our flight is tomorrow. Their website says you can use it up to 12 hours before your flight. I keep getting the error that my booking cannot be found.

If anyone has successfully been able to use this, any tips, suggestions, are greatly appreciated.


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That is odd--

I'm also flying tomorrow (LAX) - the upload your docs before opens 72 hours prior to departure. It didn't let me in until then it gave me the same message. I dunno why it won't let you in, that is odd. Usually you can just check-in regularly the day prior.

Did you try logging into Lufthansa's site first, prior to doing the document upload?

When I tried to do it early it said "ticket could not be found" --- once it opened it was fine

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I was able to upload the documents a few hours later. They did not allow me to print or download a boarding pass as we were required to go to the check-in counter to have our documents checked first. After that, no problem

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Some additional information: My son and I submitted our documents today for our return trip to the US. (We transit through Frankfurt and Toronto) His came back saying he needed to complete an ArriveCAN submission, mine came back saying I needed to submit the US CDC declaration form. This is truly odd for a number of reasons:
1) We have the same itinerary and booking code, and uploaded the same docs, yet received different responses.
2) My understanding is that as we are transit passengers not entering Canada, we do have to complete/submit ArriveCAN.

3) The link to the CDC declaration form provided by Lufthansa is not a fillable PDF and it has no place to print your name. I found a fillable PDF version of the form elsewhere:

We both completed our CDC attestation form and re-submitted our documentation on the Lufthansa upload site.
This consisted of:
Our CDC proof of vaccination
Our negative COVID test for entry into the US
Our US passport, and
The CDC declaration form.

After this second submission, my son’s came back and said he still needed to submit an ArriveCAN form. Mine can back as all documents accepted.

Again, this is truly bizarre that we have the same itinerary and submitted the same documents, but received two different responses.

At this point, we just need to get to the airport a bit earlier and check in at the counter. Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain since the document upload process seems “glitchy”

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I've been encountering the same issue but was not sure if it is because the flight is a codeshare with Air Canada. I have less than four hours until the 12 hour window expires. Do you recall how much time you had left before you were able to upload the information?

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Dear All,
I uploaded my vaccine proof documents with Lufthansa website and i get a message
2 errors have occurred. Please note:
Bound does not match specification
Bound does not match specification
Please advise? best regards