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COVID 19 testing in Germany

My husband and I are traveling to Bavaria in June 2022. We will be staying for a couple of days in Ruhpolding before traveling from Munich to Zurich. I understand in order to enter Switzerland we need to have a negative PCR test 72 hours before traveling. I would like to have this test done in Ruhpolding and not the Munich airport because I know it can take up to three days for the results. My question is are PCR testing sites readily available in the area ? How much are they and how long do the results take to get back? I plan on bringing some Abbott's home test kits with us for the antigen test required to get back into the USA. I know you call a toll free number to have that proctored has anyone had any problems with reception in Europe using an Iphone from the the US?

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Our friends in Germany have no problem getting tested, now. Things will probably change half a dozen times between now and June. Try investigating again in March or April.

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Thank you both for your quick replies. I knew the Munich airport has PCR testing and you can get quick results. I would rather have the testing done 3 days before we fly just for peace of mind. It's a worry not knowing if you will be able to get the test on time, what the results are etc. I am hoping we can find a testing site in Ruhpolding or close to it so we can have the results a couple of days before we fly to Switzerland.