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Arriving in Ireland but going same day to Northern Ireland (UK). Whose protocol?

Hello, we're landing in Dublin (April) and immediately driving to Northern Ireland where we will be staying for 2 weeks. We're vaccinated so it sounds like we won't have to get a Covid test prior to flying but will have to fill out a passenger locater form. If things don't change before then, would we be needing to test ourselves the first 5 days as it sounds like Ireland recommends or go by NI's protocol? Also, where do you get these tests- is it something we need to order way beforehand to be delivered? We don't know anyone there and will be staying at a self catering cottage so delivery ahead might be difficult. So confusing.

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Thank you. It appears the way it stands right now, we won't have to do anything until it's time to return to the US. Of course, so much can change.

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Actually, landing in the Republic of Ireland and crossing into the UK does not get you out of following the UK rules. You are still responsible for meeting requirements, though yeah, no one is going to probably check, at least right away.

For your flight though, the airline will check your documentation as if you were staying in Ireland.