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Traveling through countries

We will be flying from WA state to London for a few days, then Germany. We will then drive to Croatia, be there for a few days, then into Italy for a few weeks, and back to Germany through Switzerland before flying home (I know it sounds a bit crazy, but there is a method to our madness, will be visiting family)

  1. Will we need tests between each country?
  2. Where is the best place to find current information?
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The difficulty of staying on top of requirements for one country during Covid, much less several, is why most of us Forum regulars have encouraged travelers to stick to one-country itineraries as travel has restarted.

Countries all have their own rules, and they all change periodically (and they may well differ as to where you are entering from, or in some cases, also every/anywhere you have been in the past 14 days).

The best thing to do is to Google “Covid rules visit” and the name of the country and find each country’s official government website on the matter. All the European countries I have had to look for make their official guidance available in English in addition to their own language.

Sorry, there is not any real shortcut! And you can’t just look once and be done with it.

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Thanks, and yep! Pretty true everywhere. We are prepared to change pans if needed. And even here at home one day may not look like the next

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Well first, the only important place to find out about travel rules is on each country’s official website. And you didn’t say when you are planning this trip - next week or months from now.:) But that really does matter. Things change regularly so while it’s good to go ahead and locate the official websites and see what restrictions are now, it’s pointless for anyone to comment on what the situation is right now. On each country’s forum here you should be able to find a link to the various websites as a beginning step, if you can’t find them via Google.

I travel a lot but feel very adventurous to plan a two country trip right now. Multi-country is definitely possible but is sure to be a lot of work (and some stress).

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Great! Here is a beginning on Croatia. You will of course need more info about coming from Germany (may depend on how long you have been in Germany).

I had to find out all the various same sort of restrictions traveling from France to CZ, with several variables.

I suggest going back through the specific country forums here and just get started on data gathering. I don’t know that many are already doing that multi-country yet, but it is happening. So probably no one can tell you specifically what you need to know. :) And since you still haven’t said when the trip is, no one can help with question 1 (and might not be able to anyway).

Looks like you have done a lot of planning on this trip already, so maybe just nailing down where to go for official country info is all you have left to do.

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Just to add a little more encouragement: we traveled in late Aug/early Sept. through France, Switzerland and Italy. Each country had its own Covid-related requirements and Switzerland's even changed WHILE we were there. You have to keep your "finger on the pulse", so to speak. We did our homework and kept checking back as things changed throughout our 9 months of planning. We are SO GLAD we went!

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I went to Egypt and Turkey last fall and just about pulled my hair out trying to figure out the specifics of what was required. You are a brave soul to take on that many countries in one trip.

In addition to the other excellent suggestions here, I found the IATA to be useful. Although I don't trust it 100% because the rules keep changing, it's a good source for a rough idea of what to expect. You type in pretty much your whole itinerary, and it tells you the requirements for each leg of the journey.