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when to fill out the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form

I have seen conflicting information about filling out the dPLF form and getting the QR code for a trip to Italy. Some say it must be done after checking in for your flight and before leaving, another says to do it 24 hours before your trip, another says you can fill it out days/weeks before actually leaving. Which is correct ?

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Probably part of the confusion is that initially the instruction guide indicated to submit it between check-in and boarding, I suppose to assure that seat information was accurate and the lesser chance of flight changes. In practice, many just submitted it a week or more ahead of time, to no ill effect.

No one actually examines the form or reviews it, the airline may not even ask for it (our mentioned that we need to fill it out), and no one in Italy will ask for it (save, I suppose, for a rare spot check upon landing). You submit it, it is on record, if for some reason one of your flights reports a positive case on board, the Italian Government will know where you are spending your first night(s) and be able to find you. I suppose the action would then have you be able to test, hopefully negative. After a couple days of arrival, the form is effectively obsolete.

If something turns out to be inaccurate? I suppose they could take some punitive action if they had to find you and had problems due to bad information.