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Question on UK 2-day test

As I understand the new (as of yesterday) UK rules, you do not have to have a covid test to enter if you are fully vaccinated, but you book and pay for a test on Day 2 (counting from arrival day as Day 0). Looking at the rules, it says this is taken “no later than” Day 2. So can one take it earlier, on Day 1, and then use the (hopefully negative) results to meet the USA 24-hour test requirement for a flight back to the US on Day 2?

We have several options for our return from Italy at the end of March, and one of them is to fly from Milan to London on Day 0, then LHR to SFO on Day 2. This could work out well for us. But of course everything could change by then. . . .

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For the UK's Day 2, you must get tested by Day 2 (not necessarily on). So you can get tested on the day you arrive (Day 0), the day after arrival (Day 1), or the day after that (Day 2).

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Good morning, Lola.

Much to my disappointment there are strong signs that by the time you are passing through the Day 2 test will be history, barring another variant of concern before then.

No telling with the government here but it may play into your hands.

Keep watching,,,,

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As long as your Day 2 test is done by day 2, and your test for the USA is done no more than one day prior to flight, you are good.

Of course, those rules are for right now. What those rules will be in March, or February, or tomorrow is anyone's guess.

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The rules may indeed change...but based on my recent experience, your plan should work. The return to US test is one day prior (not 24 hours), which gives you a little extra time if your US-bound flight leaves later in the day. I flew from Rome to Heathrow (no test needed) in the morning; on arrival I was tested, went to my hotel, and the (negative!) results were ready by the time I connected to wifi. Spent one night in London prior to the US-bound afternoon flight. Of course I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the test was accepted by the airline during check in:).

The extra level of travel documentation can be a bit daunting, but I found the airlines do a pretty good job of walking one through the steps. Wishing you smooth travels!

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As Nigel notes above, the Day 2 test requirements may be discontinued soon - like January 26. For better or worse, masks on public transport and indoors, and other policies could get dropped, too.

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Just to wrap up, it’s been noted on several other threads, but just so this one contains the info:

Anyone who enters England after 4 am February 11 is not required to take the day-2 test.