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Ground Travel Between Countries

I know things can and probably will change in the next few months, but I haven’t seen anything about traveling between countries by train, car, etc. In 2 months we fly to Frankfurt and we will be in Germany for 8 nights. We will then take a train to France. After almost 4 weeks in France we will take a train to Amsterdam. Currently does one have to do anything besides have proof of vaccination to do this?

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With the current rules, you need to bring proof of your vaccination status and a sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and of any contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. When travelling to France from another EU-country.

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I guess there's no easy answer to intra-EU travel these days. For example, since we're STILL under lockdown in the NL, tomorrow we're driving to Hoogstraten, Belgium (about 58 minutes away) for lunch! Because we're going for less than 48 hours, there are few restrictions --- well, sort of...

Reading from this website - - you learn that "You have to fill in the Passenger Location Form (PLF) within 6 months before your arrival in Belgium, even if you are fully vaccinated. The PLF must be filled in by anyone traveling directly or indirectly to Belgium, except"

  • if you are staying in Belgium for less than 48 hours
  • if you have been abroad for less than 48 hours.

But the site goes on to read these exceptions to the exceptions!

ATTENTION : You must ALWAYS fill in the PLF in the following cases, whether or not you are staying in Belgium < 48 hours

  • you were abroad < 48 hours:
    • you are travelling to Belgium by air or by sea;
    • you are travelling to Belgium by train or bus from a country outside the EU or the Schengen area (e.g. Eurostar from the UK);
    • you have stayed in a very high-risk country during the last 14 days.

That said, we've traveled into Belgium multiple times the last few weeks and NO ONE has asked for this "required" PLF form. Granted, we are triple vaxxed and that's reflected on the EU Digital Certificate (QR code) we have on our phones. We have been asked at all dining establishments to show our vaccination status.

Fortunately, here in the NL we have another Cabinet Meeting this Tuesday and the OMT (Outbreak Mgt Team) has recommended they DROP the current restaurant and cafe lockdown restrictions (well, most of them!). Hopefully, come Wednesday - after 5+ weeks in lockdown - we won't have to drive to Belgium to dine in a restaurant or cafe. Looking forward to coffee that's NOT in a paper cup!

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RnR, I sure hope there aren’t so many hoops to jump through in Western Europe by the time we arrive in Germany on March 21. It doesn’t look like taking the train through Belgium is as much of a problem as the fact that it looks like the day we travel there won’t be a train to take because of track work. We may have to fly from Paris to Amsterdam. Sigh…

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Badger, to whom do you go to get the sworn statement? A Notary?

You fill out a form. You can download it at:

That said, we've traveled into Belgium multiple times the last few
weeks and NO ONE has asked for this "required" PLF form.

And I've driven multiple times the last few weeks and NO ONE has asked for this "required" driving licence. Just because you're not asked to show documents does not mean they are not required.

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Andrea for the train to the Netherlands, please take a look at requirements for entering the Netherlands.

France doesn’t require a test for entering from another EU country, but some other EU countries do (I speak from my experience going to Italy two weeks ago ) — I’m not saying that the Netherlands does, but just be sure to check.

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I’m planning a graduation trip for my daughter and I this Summer and I have a similar situation of interEuopean train travel. We plan to fly into Paris; train to Venice; Florence to Innsbruck; Innsbruck to Germany; Germany to Belgium and back to France. We’re boosted. I know in Covid time this is far off, but other than travel insurance and CDC cards, advice?