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Covid-19 booster jab whilst travelling?

I am long term travelling on a UK passport, and will soon be heading through the Balkans from Turkey. The problem is that my Covid-19 vaccination certificate will become invalid for travel in many countries in March (9 months after 2nd jab) and I don't really want to head back to the UK any time soon just to get the booster. Does anyone know whether it is possible for UK citizens to get the covid-19 booster jab in any of the Balkan countries?, or alternatively, in the Schenzen zone?
Its almost impossible to find information on this subject.

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Following because I'm wondering the same thing - if a 2nd booster becomes recommended I'm thinking the Balkans might be an option while we are travelling

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Hello naroot66!
We are US citizens and were able to get our booster shot in Croatia. Along with that, we have the EU Covid passport that has record of all of our shots. It has made traveling a little easier and given us more peace of mind to have that booster.