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First time backpackers! General Europe Megan 12
Month-long accommodations... General Europe Megan 2
Transportation from Barcelona Airport to Port for Cruise Transportation Suzanne 1
Canceled Flights Transportation Mary 12
Ideas for Storing Medicine Which HAS to be Cooled During Europe Trip General Europe Suzanne 3
European school holidays= mad rush on the road, trains, etc. General Europe Maryann 5
Currency in Turkey..... To the East Steve 3
Have you used Italy Kelli 1
How hot and how humid? Italy Leslie H 15
Upcoming French Holiday To the West Tom 3
Hotel in Paris: Hôtel de L'Esperance or Hotel de France General Europe saby 1
Getting to Rome Ciampino Italy Conny 4
Scavi tour payment Italy Conny 4
London - Immigratoin allow bringing in Flower or Food? To the North BCKNOT 4
Almalfi Coast Italy Wayne 18
Car rental Tips Transportation Darwin 7
Along the Rhine Questions??? To the West Sarah 3
Where do you buy your travel size items? General Europe Kristy 14
Cortona to Cinque Terre Italy Rose 3
Keukenhof gardens General Europe Bob 8
do you have to reserve eurorail General Europe fred 2
Pompeii or Orvieto for day trip from Rome? Italy Amy 3
The perfect Paris moment To the West Nathan 6
Lodging, Rome Italy Ted 0
Alitalia gets 300 million Euros from the government Italy David 0
Alitalia gets 300 million Euros from the government Transportation David 0
Alessandro Schezzini classic bar tour Italy donna 3
Italy Surprise Trip Italy Karen Standlee 12
Smokers in Paris To the West Nathan 7
My best and worst of Paris To the West Nathan 16
Ist trip to Italy in Aug Italy Gayle 7
My best and worst of London To the North Nathan 16
Things I wish I'd packed General Europe Nathan 31
Scopello, Sicily Italy Robert 3
Choosing a camping stove General Europe Dave 5
What is needed to send a letter, postcard from Italy to the US? Italy Ray 16
Barcelona Hilton Diagonal Mar from the airport To the West Gabriella 1
How do you work your way through the entire louvre? To the West Cecily 11
Hotel- Lyon France To the West april 3
Crepes and Lamb in Paris To the West Linda 5
Daylight hours in early October General Europe Susan and Monte 3
Rhine Cruise from Frankfurt or other location close to Frankfurt To the West Sarah 3
London Airfare: Should I Buy? Transportation Vanessa 6
Florence to Locanda le Piazze Transportation Kathy 1
be prepared !!! General Europe fred 20
Heidelberg Day trip To the West Sarah 2
Contacting customer service To the West Albert 1
hot weather travel General Europe Karen 6
Besides Florence, day trip from Siena by bus? Italy Susan and Monte 6
packing prescriptions Italy Cindy 6