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Good Bed and Breakfast in London? To the North Jenny 3
Itinerary for Venice, Lake Como, Salzburg, Munich/Bavaria Transportation Nancy 5
Lost Luggage on Alitalia Transportation Myrna 24
wine tours Italy annie 0
How to split 2 weeks in Florence, Assisi, Rome, Sorrento Italy Jamie 11
Charter Flights to Europe (From U.S. to France) Transportation Trotro 1
Bringing gift jewelry to europe General Europe Vince 4
Bamberg goes Frankfurt for 2 weeks To the West Andreas 0
Drop off rental car in Florence on Sunday? Italy Nancy 7
Layover Tours - tried one? London taxi tours? To the North Suzy 2
Munich- Hotel Herzog Wilhelm/ Tannenbaum?? To the West Suzy 1
Italy trains in late evening Italy Steve 1
Hotel Duomo in Orvieto Italy Corinne 4
Prague Excursion Pass Transportation Justin 2
Cinqueterra From Florence Italy Josh 1
Luge near Munich or Innsbruck To the West Krista 2
Train baggage in Italy Italy Jerry 5
How Much Time For Dublin Airport Check-In For Return to US To the North Mike 11
Tip on Italian Train Website Italy Randy 1
Where is best place to exchange $$ for UK pounds? To the North Lian-Marie 12
THANKS EVERYONE! General Europe Kelly 0
Hill towns Italy jack 4
Luggage clearance in Europe To the West Nini 3
Venice Restaurants--Taverna San Trovasa and Ristorante Da Raffaele Italy Gail 0
Paris to Bruges via train To the West Allison 3
First Class Sleeper (inflatable) Italy Jayne 1
Personal Protection/Safety while in Europe? General Europe Caesar 6
mid-August or late December? To the East charlene 1
Rhodes,Santorini,Bodrum (Turkey), OR Mykonos,Patmos, and Kusadasi? To the East charlene 3
Santorini General Europe Toni 1
Help! Edinburgh to London Transportation Jenny 8
Where to spend Christmas in Europe General Europe Kevin 5
Lake como or Genoa Transportation Monica 2
Train from Paris to Munich Transportation Tammy 1
B and B's in Lucca Italy Chere 4
Porter Airlines - New Canadian Regional Carrier Transportation Flight Attendant 10
Destination input needed General Europe Karen 3
Prosecco Tasting Italy John 1
Renting bikes in France (bringing/hiring a kid trailer) To the West Trotro 1
Greek Maps & Guide Books To the East DD 5
Barging in France (w/kid and bicyles) To the West Trotro 1
Naples Italy sara 10
Hotel recommendations - Venice, Florence, Rome Italy Ryan 8
Dealing with customs Italy Ryan 4
Italy Train Italy Tim 2
Ireland visitor discount pass To the North Debbie 2
Ireland's Heritage pass do I need to print out one for each site? To the North Debbie 0
double seat compartment night train Italy Stephen 8
Hotel Marignan in Paris To the West Becca 3
Scotland and the Highlands in September: How's the Weather? To the North j.c. 4