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2 days in London

Hello everyone, I'm looking for recommendations of what to see, where to eat, etcetera for 2 days in London. Never been to Great Britain before. Going with my wife and sister in law. Flying in to Manchester and driving to York. They have relatives there. Spending 3 days in York, then heading south to London for 2 days there. I have Rick Steves' England 2010 and figured I would solicit other opinions as well. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Barry,

I am planning my first trip to London as well for 3 days. This is what has been recommended to me by friends as must see and dos.

Tower of London
London Eye
Jack the Ripper walking tour
Changing of the guard
British Museum
National Gallery
Churchill War Room

Have fun!


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What a great trip. York is my favorite city in Britain (excluding London which is only my favo(u)rite city in all the world).

I'd say the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are absolute musts. Either the Cabinet War Rooms or the Imperial War Museum if you have an interest in WWII. The Brithsh Museum if you like ancient artifacts or the British Library for famous manuscripts.

Personally, I found the Jack the Ripper walk underwhelming, but I do suggest you look up the website for the Original London Walks ( and find a subject that interests you. Whether it's history, literature, the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, or Jack the Ripper, you'll find something to enjoy.

And do be willing to just walk around and take in the scenery. London is one of the most exciting places on earth. Enjoy your trip!

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I wouldn't take time to see the Charging of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. In order to see anything you need to be there an hour or more to get a place right up front by the fence. Tower of London, St. Pauls, Westminster Abbey, Cabinet War Rooms, St Martin-in-the-Fields church which is across from Trafalgar Square. A walk thru a park St. James Park, Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens..Hyde Park is at one end and Kensington Gardens on the other end. Have tea at The Orangery which is close to Kensington Palace. Covent Gardens is fun, the food halls in Harrods is fun to see. Since you only have two days if I were I wouldn't try to see everything..if you did you would be rushing and not enjoying it that much. You could go to the theater in the evening.

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Definitely see the Tower of London. I would choose either Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's: they're different enough that you could do both, but since you only have two days ...

If ancient artifacts at the British Museum don't float your boat, then try the Museum of London: its Galleries of Modern London has just had a makeover.

I second the suggestion of having tea in the Orangery in Kensington Gardens.

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Hi Barry:

Just got back from 4 days in there is SO much to see! I would try to determine exactly what you're interested in, knowing you'll go back.

I would suggest a nice walking tour (we did Ricks) of the west end/Westminster...that will give you a good chance to see many of the highlights. My favorite thing about London was the much to see, and free!

Then, I agree, Westminster or St. Pauls, Tower of London, British Museum (if you are interested in antiquities, history, etc). I would also suggest Portobello Market on a saturday, it's something to be seen!

Personally, I would skip Harrods and London I felt they were just a huge department store (with a Vegas like decor) and a giant ferris wheel. I enjoyed the view from the top of St. Paul's instead.

If you're training from York to London, be sure to keep your tickets and pick up a 2 for 1 sheet at the station-- will get you in to St. Pauls, War Rooms, London Eye, etc for 1/2 price.