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Rome to Sorrento with a stop in Pompeii? Italy Valerie 9
german rail strike Transportation larry 0
The rising cost of the euro Italy Linda 15
Drive from Interlaken to Zermatt/Matterhorn To the West Linda 18
London apartment in Vauxhall area To the North Toni 5
Train from Rome to CT Italy Dorothy 2
florence church to bless anniversary rings Italy pat 1
Paying with cash Italy Greg 12
Best Open-Jaw for Paris/Florence/Rome Trip? Transportation Paul 3
Name of Gorlitz train station on DB website Transportation Jill 6
If you had 2 1/2 days in Tuscany going through Florence... Italy Sally 4
London Bus Tours and Walking Tours To the North Kevin 8
Lodging for a family of 4 To the North Laurie 5
car rental drop off at La Spezia Italy Jennifer 6
inexpensive hotel Avignon and Lyon To the West Tom 1
Hotel in Marseille To the West Alexandra 1
Dietary Needs Transportation Brenda 8
Come on... someone on this forum has to have vistited Warsaw...? To the East Shannon 6
Flying to Marseille To the West Alexandra 1
Short stay in Frankfurt To the West Carmen 5
Saffron Festival Italy Barbara 1
Hotel/B&.B in Cambridge, UK To the North Karen 0
Where Should I stay in Bordeaux? To the West Linda 1
One week onl in Tuscany Italy Heather 4
amsterdam to london fly or take train Transportation kira 7
Switzerland & Lake Como To the West Camille 4
Paris in February To the West Camille 7
Paris Apartments To the West Sherrill 6
Villa Mercede, Orvieto Italy Susan 2
Christmas week in Avignon Lyon To the West Tom 0
B & B's in northwest Italy and southeast France To the West elodie 1
German train fare To the West Michael 0
dorror/euro exchange General Europe margie 4
Carry on Bag Italy Lois 9
Which other town/village to add to our itinerary Italy Deborah 16
Cheapest International Flights? Italy Andrea 21
How to fly- Into Milan our Rome, or Into Rome out Milan? Italy Andrea 3
Where to stay in Como Area? Italy Andrea 4
Train travedl rome to Catania, Sicily Italy ron 2
Reasonable Hotel in Segovia To the West Michael 0
Austria or Amsterdam.... To the West simran 4
Pompeii Italy Christine 7
Traveling to Ireland with a 2 year old? To the West Maggie 25
Australia Transportation Brenda 4
Flight out of Florence Italy Francesca 1
Honeymoon in early April 08 General Europe Jennifer 7
Skiing Zugspitze To the West John 2
ferries Transportation Claire 2
Other travel options to the UK/Sweden To the North Allison 6
mallorca - Born Hotel To the West Bernice 1