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train travel within Italy/from Switzerland Italy Carole 0
Good restaurants in Bath To the North Shatter 1
Car Rental in Rome Italy Rose 8
Iceland General Europe Alan 6
Trouble getting Credit Card to work online Italy Dave 1
unlimited railpass vs. # days pass Transportation John 0
Bring Gifts from Home when you Travel General Europe Bonnie 15
Itinerary Help, please! Italy Lynn 10
Hotel Horror Stories General Europe AllieH 23
Tuscany day trips from Florence Italy monica 10
Anne Robichaud General Europe Sherry 0
train from Domodossola to Venice Italy NanC 4
Strategizing Venetian Hotels Italy Laura 10
transportation on crete To the East Ellis 6
Getting from Fiumicino to Ostia Antica Italy Melissa 10
hotels in hania To the East Ellis 3
best/cheapest way to fly Paris to Rome Transportation Suzie 4
day trip to Lisieux from Paris To the West suzanne 2
Cell phones in Turkey To the East Craig 4
convents in Paris To the West suzanne 1
SIM card again Italy karen 5
trip to Paris, Brougge and Amsterdam To the West suzanne 2
Florence, waiting for train Italy Patricia 2
Pensione Guerrato - 3rd floor really 4th floor? Italy Ali 1
Hotel in Amsterdam To the West Brenda 4
Single traveller in Paris To the West marcia 9
Naples to Capri Italy Tyler 3
Sailing to Delos To the East Kathy 0
Early AM Trains from Vernazza to La Spezia (and then to Rome) Italy Neal 4
Mykonsos To the East Kathy 2
Santorini To the East Kathy 3
Power adapters General Europe ALAN 9
What to pack for a trip from end of March to April? General Europe Sonia 8
Choosing a good halfway point in Germany for a trip To the West Tamara 5
Pisa: She's More Than Just a Pretty Tower Italy Kent 20
Now tell me you did not see this coming.... Transportation Paul 9
Getting from Varenna to Castelrotto to Venice Italy NanC 8
Rome or Venice Italy Tami 11
Rick's guidebooks outside USA General Europe Alpa 4
Trasnsportation between Aix en Provence and Monte Carlo To the West Joyce 2
Sites between Dordogne & Normandy To the West Lisa 9
Driving in France To the West Lisa 27
Size of RS 21" Roll-Aboard General Europe Jennifer L 1
"I'm so glad I packed ______" General Europe Lillie 88
Senior Working in Ballina; Then a week's tour of countryside To the North Regina 3
Should we pre-purchase P2P tickets? Transportation Jeff 5
Macedonia To the East Chris 10
Ordering Vienna opera tickets online To the West Karen 2
Train from Amsterdam to Paris Transportation EB 1
Pompeii and Herculaneum Italy Richard 7