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Question for you fancy pants travelers
KC 7
Best way to get to Krakow from Prague
Barnstormer 6
How soon do we need to reserve sleeper train from Krakow to Prague?
caswinne 6
How much time in Zakopane
KC 6
too hot in July?
Jeff 6
Please advise on Poland Itinerary
Teresa 7
Ideas for southern/south eastern Poland
Marcus 7
Train Prague to Krakow
jmjbrtw 7
Gdansk to Malbork Castle... a day trip or an overnighter or an on the way day stop to...
sarahlou89 7
Connection flight in Krakow - 1hr 40min
metteknud 7
Krakow Cloth Hall
joseph.mcmahon 7
Covid travel advice
harcourtpaul9 7
Itinerary Suggestions
chefkim68 7
Travelling to Krakow, Poland for Easter, 2014
janise.mcelveen 8
Gdansk suggestions
NetaVee 8
Travelling by Rail from London to Poland with a visit to Amsterdam in between.
melaniesilver 8
Two night stop between Prague and Berlin
Bobby 8
Trains (General Inquiry)
KayDubai 8
Safety in Poland
KayDubai 7
Krakow vs. Gdansk vs. more time elsewhere
irunforfun2013 8
Patti 7
Latest requirements for carry on bags
Eddie 7
5 Days on my own in Warsaw
Cindy 8
Delicious Food Tour with Eat Warsaw & Kraków
Ernesto 8
Krakow to Vienna
ebarbjj 8
5 days in Krakow and Warsaw
dgreeney 8
Where to stay in Warsaw
Zigman 6
lee 8
Help! I'm in Warsaw and forgot my camera charger. Where to find one?
Dani R. 7
Milk Bar Restaurants
Donna 7
That daytime Krakow to Budapest train via Bohumin is pretty expensive!
Valerie 8
1 room 3 adults in Krakow
robertule 8
Cieszyn? Anyone been there?
jansobieski 8
purchasing Schindler Museum tickets on line
Ruth 7
fromine 7
Polish folkarts and handicrafts
khrystia 8
First or Second Class on Warsaw to Krakow trains.
Larry 8
lady with an ermine
ttsstevenson 8
Wawa taxis in Warsaw
Warsaw airport to Krakow
Terri 8
Itinerary Check for Spring Trip
Sharon 8
Auschwitz - Joint Organized Museum Tour (guided) or Tours from Krakow
ts 7
Auschwitz tour for one person
Barnstormer 8
Zakpone area but not for hiking or skiing
Barkinpark 6
Schindler's Factory Museum -- too crowded??
hrmeroar 8
Where to stay in Northern half of Poland
shandean 8
September 3 weeks in Poland. Where to go?
apadc 8
All-over-the-place Poland questions: Lodz, Lublin, Zamosc, and Pszczyna
cslh324 8
Cultural entertainment in Wroclaw
CWsocial 8
Krakow Trip in 2020
Bill 7