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Has anyone been to Ukraine? I would like to go there as part of my three month trip in Europe this summer as my family ancestry on my mother's side is Ukrainian. I would appreciate stories and information from anyone who has been there....I am aware of the unrest but I understand that is only in one part of Ukraine.

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There was a forum discussion a few months ago:

For best information try the American State Department:

Ukraine Travel Warning LAST UPDATED: JANUARY 5, 2015 The Department of
State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to eastern Ukraine.
Despite the signing of a ceasefire agreement in September 2014,
violent clashes between Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces
continue in parts of the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk,
resulting in thousands of injuries and deaths. In addition, Russian
military forces continue to occupy the Crimean Peninsula and are
present on the eastern border of Ukraine. This supersedes the Travel
Warning for Ukraine dated August 29 to provide updated information on
the security situation in southern and eastern Ukraine.

U.S. citizens are urged to follow the guidance in the Travel Warning
for Ukraine and defer all travel to the Crimean Peninsula at this
time. In March 2014, Russia occupied the Crimean Peninsula, which
remains part of Ukraine notwithstanding Russia’s illegal military

Violence against foreigners in Ukraine is rare but you should avoid
large gatherings or protests and adjacent areas. During the past year,
large-scale protests have occurred in many cities throughout Ukraine.
While mostly peaceful, some of these protests have turned violent and
resulted in deaths and injuries. Even demonstrations that are meant to
be peaceful can become violent and unpredictable. Be alert and aware
of your surroundings and pay attention to what the local news media
report. If the Embassy obtains information about a planned protest
ahead of time, an announcement will be posted on the Embassy website.

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Thank you, Edgar....This seems to say that travel in eastern Ukraine should be avoided totally but what about in western Ukraine?

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Safe is relative. That said here's the UK perspective:

Other parts of Ukraine, including Kyiv:

The situation in Kyiv and western cities his generally calm, although
occasional non-violent public demonstrations continue in and around
the Verkhovna Rada (parliament building) and elsewhere in the city. Be
vigilant and monitor the media for information about possible safety
or security risks.

The British Embassy in Kyiv is open to the public by appointment only.
If you need to contact the British Embassy, please call +380 44 490
3660, or send an email to

Around 82,600 British nationals visited Ukraine in 2013. Most visits
are trouble-free.

Take care on the roads. There are a high number of traffic accidents,
including fatalities. See Road travel

Beware of petty crime, especially in crowded areas and tourist spots
or when using public transport. See Crime

There is a general threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

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Oh, I posted on your other thread. If you are not going until summer then Monte will be back Mid-May and can give you his perspective of his and his wife's travels to Lviv and western Ukraine. They are there now.