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Business trip to Poland - reliable and unlimited MiFI???

Hi, do anybody know some not very expensive and reliable mobile router which I can rent in Poland? I will be there for business purposes in the end of August and I'm looking for some other option than overcrowded wifi in hotel. I know there's bunch of international and expensive companies that rent routers but they don't have unlimited data... which I admit is the most important thing if you want to connect to the servers and work all day. Using this much data a day (~30-50GB) can ruin my budget.
Thanks in advance for helping me.

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We use T-Mobile (Deutsche Telecom) because their US service works so well here and in Europe. We bought a T-Mobile Alcatel hot spot because it works here and Europe so sez the T-Mobile reps here and the T-Mobile call center reps. Texting and unlimited data should part of the hot spot plan.

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Thanks, but polish SIM card can be problematic... I'd rather have a router and MY SIM card, because I need to receive phone calls all the time and I don't have phone with two SIM cards... Also they don't have such big amount of data in their plan. I did a deeper research and I found something like Polish WiFi? Does anybody knows it??? Heard of it??? It's said it has an unlimited data (!!!) but I don't really believe this... Too perfect to be true. It's getting closer to my trip so I'd be grateful for some useful tips!

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I don't really know what is the best one in Poland. When I've searched, I only found a Polish WiFi. Maybe check this one? Website looks quite well, hope device also will be like that ;D

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If it comes about cards with Internet access then go for PLAY network. Good network coverage in big cities, the best from the competition just outside the big cities and their sim-cards are well priced.
I do not remember exactly how much they gonna charge you but starter 30GB card costs 19zł (just internet, no phone calls)!
Take an old phone with you without sim-lock and surf the net :)
Note: Due to new law regulations you have to show your ID when buying a phone card - each card needs to be registered.