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Regarding Polski Bus travel (is it reliable?)

Hello ,

I have booked quite well in advance a bus ticket from Krakow to Warsaw (for July) .The price is just 6 PLN !
Is it too good to be true? And what is the reputation of Polski Bus? I heard they are pretty cheap and efficient!
I don't mind less leg space!

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it is reliable. You are smart to buy tickets early. Here is why- they sell tickets at first (in advance) at a cheap fare then later raise the price. It's good that you don't mind less leg space because you will be crammed in with others like sardines in a can. The seats are VERY close together. On the other hand, on most of them, your seat can recline a bit (often leather seats) and even to the side. Use a restroom before leaving- the bus toilets will induce claustrophobia. Teeny tiny. On the plus side, the buses have heat and air conditioning. They tend to be noisy with people using electronics and making a racket. If you are getting on at the beginning of the bus' route, be there early. Loading might begin a half hour or more before the bus leaves. Personally after trying it, we decided the train was better. We like space. Traffic will determine when the bus gets to stops. It sounds like you are getting on at the beginning of the route so you can just sit and relax.

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Thanks Terri. May I know the train options? Where have you usually booked (website) or just took it from the station before travelling?

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There are plenty of train services on this route, and the trip takes only 2.5 hours--much less than the bus.

The trains are comfortable and you get loads of space. Your seat will be reserved and you can board the train with a mad dash for seats. Most people take the train on this route; the bus will be crammed with the people trying to save every last penny. For foreign tourists, Polish trains are not that expensive.