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Should I Reserve Salt Mine Tickets for September?

My husband and I are planning to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine in late September. We're planning on taking the bus there. Is it crowded in late September or is it relatively quick to get tickets for the English speaking tours once we get there? If we get tickets in advance and if we miss our time slot, do we have to buy new tickets? I'm just a bit concerned about the reliability of the bus system since we've never been to Poland.

Thanks for your help.

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I was there in the morning on Sept 30th last year and saw people walking up to buy tickets. The line at that time of day was at most 2 or 3 people, though they might have had to wait for the start of the next available English tour.

The online ticketing system ( shows how many tickets are available for each time slot on each day. So you could check occasionally and decide later if you should purchase your ticket ahead to ensure availability.

Looking at dates in September, 10am appears to be a very popular time: fewer tickets available then. So you might keep that in mind in timing your own arrival either before or after the 10am tour slot. There are English tours every half hour.

At the bottom of the page on which you select your tour time, it also says "Remember, tickets are available at box offices on site during opening hours." That sounds as though some tickets are held back to be made available to people who just show up to buy a ticket.

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Thanks CWSocial for your response. I think we'll reserve the tickets before we go. I guess 10 am is a good time because when you're done, it will be lunchtime.

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Have a great trip and enjoy the Salt Mine! The onsite guide for my tour was very personable and knowledgeable.

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Yes, book your tickets on-line as there is big queue on the spot. You will save yourself at least 30'.
Guides in Wieliczka are funny, with good command of English and you will really enjoy it!

Have fun! :)