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Itinerary - 15 days in Poland

Would love some advice on itinerary. We'll be in Poland for 15 days, not including day of arrival or departure. I am still playing around with the order. We will be there the first half of July. Our travel dates are not flexible.

Day 1 - Fly to Gdansk, evening arrival.
Day 2, 3 , 4 Gdansk, day trip to Malbork
Day 5 Finish Gdansk, travel to Torun
Day 6 Day trip to Chelmo, sleep Torun
Day 7 Possibly Gniezno (see cathedral, trip to Biskupin)
Day 8 Wroclaw
Day 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Trip to Lower Silesia (separate post)
Day 14 Wroclaw
Day 15, 16 Warsaw
Day 17 Depart US

We are saving Krakow for another trip, when we can tour off-season. I'm afraid I won't like the crowds in Krakow in July. We like history, churches, museums, small towns, hiking.

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Good itinerary and choice of places to be visited. In July 2005 we went to Torun, the Mrs, the MIL and I by train from Paris, stayed overnight in Berlin, then proceeded to Poznan where we transferred to Torun. Going from Poznan to Torun the train stopped at Geniezo. How are you going to Chelmno? We did a day trip there by taking the bus from Torun.

Both of these towns are on the Vistula; Chelmno came through the war intact. You'll see that in the town square and the buildings as you walk from the bus station to the rynek.....very interesting too is the countryside between Torun and Chelmno.

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My trip to Poland consisted of Gdansk (day trip to Malbork), Torun, Wroclaw, and Krakow. Loved Poland and all of these towns to some degree. I think you will have a great time.

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We will also be in Poland early July for 15 full days. Our itinerary is Kraków (6 nights), Wroclaw (2 nights), GDANSK (3 nights) and Warsaw (4nights). We plan on day tripping to Czestochowa and Marlbork. We are including Kraków because we don't know if we will make a trip back to Poland again, at least not in the near future. Wishing you safe travels.

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Many thanks for your comments! I am so excited about this trip!!!

I've been giving this trip a little more thought. We're going to make it a train/bus trip, no rental car. So Lower Silesia will have to wait. From Worclaw we will go to Kraków, then Zakopane, then Warsaw. Zakopane to Warsaw will be a long day, but it seems to work better than Warclaw to Zakopane.

Fred, enjoyed reading about your itinerary and your comments. We'll go to Chelmo by bus. I'm still hoping to see Gniezno, but we'll just see how it fits.

Andrew, sounds like we will be hitting many of the same spots!

Barbara, sounds like we're doing similar trips, but we're going the other way around! We may pass each other on a train!