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Travelling between Prague and Krakow

Trying to not spend long days travelling on this trip and this one looks like an overnight train, or couple hour plane trip as it stops over in Warsaw. So we are thinking maybe don't do all in one shot and stop somewhere in between. Need some advice on where??
Like small town culture, good food, no nightlife needed, good walk ability for a rest stop in between but on train route. Anyone have good idea?

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  • Brno (Czech Rep)
  • Katowice (Poland)
  • Jelenia Góra (Poland)
  • Częstochowa (Poland) - not exactly on the way but culturally significant for Poles (that's why I mention it)
  • Wrocław (Poland) - it's not a small town but still highly recommended
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Olomouc. It's on your way and you can read about it in R.S. book Prague & the Czech Republic. Some people say that it is like little Prague.

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A couple of years ago we didn't want a long train ride either. Left Kraków in the morning for Olomoucs, spent that day and half the next before continuing by train to Prague. Easy tram from station to town center and back. Beautiful city, walked all over. Stopping here roughly broke the train travel in half for each journey. We were very pleased with our decision, saw some lovely places and took it a bit more relaxed than our usual dash from A to B mode. Enjoy your visit.

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Well, when it comes to the direct trip between Krakow and Prague, I'd recommend it that you read this post:
Other than that, try visiting Zakopane, Poland - it is en route and represents a unique culture of Polish mountaineers. You'll love their folklore, colourful outfits, ciupaga dances or cheeses of sheep milk, the views of Tatra peaks are also great to see. On the Czech side, Ostrava seems the closest to your possible route and has a nice, cosy market square. Have a nice trip - both Krakow and Prague are excellent choices for travel destinations!