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Using cell phone

How do I call a Poland land line from my USA cell phone (I have Verizon international plan added for trip) while in Poland?

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Per Verizon's instructions, for calls within Poland from your Verizon phone, dial +48 and the local number you are calling. You do not need to dial "11" as the "+" is the instruction to dial international.

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Since we are talking about cell phone, may I know which providers in Poland have stable and more extensive WIFI coverage? Orange? I will stay in Poland for 21 days, wonder is that a prepaid SIM card package for such a period of time? Thank you

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Exactly the same as you do when the phone is in the USA:

+ 48 {area code} {number}

Your phone remains a US phone with a US number. "48" is the country code for Poland.
If you store numbers on your phone in the "+ {country code} etc." format they work no matter which country you are in.