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Krakow public transportation and sightseeing question

Can anyone help, group of three adults with our children ages 3, 5, 7. We plan on using public transport exclusively.
Trying to see best options with using Krakow city pass, Krakow card or just purchasing transit tickets.
I can see the family ticket on NPK site, for Saturday and Sunday travel but also wondering it it can be confirmed that the child under 4 will be free and the other children will require full fare/and or full purchase of their own card?
Total travel in the Krackow area will be from Saturday to Tuesday.

We won't have any student ID for the student card. Is there another item we can use for proof of being a student (7 yo)?

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MPK is very reasonable in Poland.
According to what I’ve read children under 7 are free, even tourists. A bus pass would save you some hassle but it is very easy to buy tickets with your credit card at kiosks or machines, ticket price is determined by time traveled, short ride 20min, lengthier 40 min. Distant travel busses are available, price is determined by carrier, usually about 5 zloty,

Always validate your ticket when you get on tram or bus, they do have people checking on the trains periodically. If you have a pass, keep it handy, in case there is a check.

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I didn't always see a ticket machine or kiosk in Krakow when I needed one, so I'd recommend buying enough tickets for several trips up front. I walked a great deal, but with young children you'll want to use public transit to get to Kazimierz. I assume the Schindler factory will not be on the agenda with such young children, but it's a bit farther from the city than the center of Kazirmierz.

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Hello Darwin,

I think the best option would be to buy KrakowCard - such card gives you unlimited possibility to use public transportation in Cracow (and also free entrance to lots of museums, transport to Wieliczka Salt Mine, etc.).

You can check this blog for some more tips on traveling in southern Poland, Cracow included:

If you're thinking also about visiting Zakopane and Tatra mountains, have a look here:

Have a great trip!

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I have my doubts that a family with three very young children will go to enough local sights for the Krakow Card to pay off. Young children really slow you down.

Is the Salt Mine really suitable for a 3-year-old? I don't have an opinion, because I didn't have time to visit it, but I believe someone posted about a lengthy, sardine-like experience on the elevator at the end of the visit.